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Success Stories

My Warrior Diet Journey

I was 185 and active in college, but had gained 23lbs after graduating and taking a desk job weighing in at 208lbs. I was in a relationship that ended in the spring and decided that I needed to find a way to get my mind and body healthy again. It was a special month for my spirituality and I had decided to try fasting, but I wanted to be able to workout and somehow build muscle while also fasting for this month as summer was around the corner and I was now single and needed the confidence to “mingle” lol. I searched online and found Ori Hofmekler’s “Warrior Diet” and decided to try it, but as a vegetarian and within the first week I had lost 15lbs with out working out! My biggest challenges were giving up the complex carbs i.e. bread, pasta and processed foods including sweets. Anytime I had a craving for sweets, I would eat an apple, pineapple, or grapefruit. I tried to stay away from eating anything during the day and only drinking water, but sometimes enjoyed a half grapefruit or some nuts i.e. almonds or pistacios. Seeing the extremely fast results was enough to keep me motivated to stick with the diet. I started working out about 21 days into the diet after already losing about 30lbs. I would work out about 5 days/week and would try to run 1 mile prior to lifting weights each day that I exercised(some days were only half mile). After 90days, I had lost 68lbs weighing in at 140lbs and went down 6 sizes on my waist (from 34/36 to 28/30)! I noticed my ability to deal with everyday stress had increased tenfold and although I had lost so much weight, I had acquired solid muscle in the process and made tremendous gains in the gym. I am currently working on increasing my caloric intake to build more muscle and gain just a little weight, but I am sold on the warrior diet as my healthy eating lifestyle! Thanks for the amazing transformation Ori!



Rodney Phillips

Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa!

I would just like to thank Ori for writing the Warrior Diet-book.  I believe his book is THE BEST book on how physical active people should approach their nutrition. I am a very active person myself and have read my share of nutrition books over the years, but the Warrior Diet is the only “diet” (if I may use the word “diet”, I prefer the word “lifestyle”) that I believe I can sustain for life. During the “undereating” phase I like to have 1-2 cups of coffee or tea before my morning cardio workout, one apple around mid-morning, 2 hard-boiled eggs for lunch, one handful of nuts in the late afternoon-hours and then, after my evening strength-workout, I like to top off my day with a big, satisfying dinner with a nice glass of milk before bed. This is how I practice the Warrior Diet on a daily basis and it has become a lifestyle for me.

I have already lost 10 kilograms using the Warrior Diet and I am well on my way to get a six-pack again (at 35 years of age) for the first time since my high-school days.

I truly believe that the Warrior Diet is THE BEST book on nutrition ever written.

THANK YOU, Ori, for writing such a wonderful book!  I am a convert to the Warrior Diet-lifestyle and will never go back again to my previous eating habits.

Kindest regards,

Renier van Rooyen (Warrior for life!)

From being obese to being decently fit; a 55 lbs weight loss; from pre-diabetic to normal health markers; from not being able to walk for 5 minutes on the treadmill to new PRs on deadlifting, squatting, benchpressing, sprinting, pull ups, push ups, calisthenics etc. all in my latter 30s.

The journey is so worth it; the journey continues. I’m actually slimmer now than the picture on the right in this photo. People ask me how I lost so much; the answer is knowledge…you need to immerse yourself in knowledge; what works for me may not work for you. Life, fitness, business et al. is all trial and error. It’s a combination of people and their training methods, ideals etc. things that helped me, but, indubitably one of the most important tools, which now has become a way of life for me is learning about Intermittent Fasting from Ori Hofmekler. This alone has helped my cognitive abilities, emotional state, fitness, and fat loss.

Rohitha Perera

My Warrior Diet Journey

I was 185 and active in college, but had gained 23lbs after graduating and taking a desk job weighing in at 208lbs. I was in a relationship that ended in the spring and decided that I needed to find a way to get my mind and body healthy again. It was a special month for my spirituality and I had decided to try fasting, but I wanted to be able to workout and somehow build muscle while also fasting for this month as summer was around the corner and I was now single and needed the confidence to “mingle” lol. I searched online and found Ori Hofmekler’s “Warrior Diet” and decided to try it, but as a vegetarian and within the first week I had lost 15lbs with out working out! My biggest challenges were giving up the complex carbs i.e. bread, pasta and processed foods including sweets. Anytime I had a craving for sweets, I would eat an apple, pineapple, or grapefruit. I tried to stay away from eating anything during the day and only drinking water, but sometimes enjoyed a half grapefruit or some nuts i.e. almonds or pistacios. Seeing the extremely fast results was enough to keep me motivated to stick with the diet. I started working out about 21 days into the diet after already losing about 30lbs. I would work out about 5 days/week and would try to run 1 mile prior to lifting weights each day that I exercised(some days were only half mile). After 90days, I had lost 68lbs weighing in at 140lbs and went down 6 sizes on my waist (from 34/36 to 28/30)! I noticed my ability to deal with everyday stress had increased tenfold and although I had lost so much weight, I had acquired solid muscle in the process and made tremendous gains in the gym. I am currently working on increasing my caloric intake to build more muscle and gain just a little weight, but I am sold on the warrior diet as my healthy eating lifestyle! Thanks for the amazing transformation Ori!

Rodney Phillips

140lbs in 13 months! Anything is possible when you decide what you want. A very wise man once told me, people do what they want to do, and not what they don’t want to do. It’s just that simple…I do owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sifu Les Huber for the many years of showing me the warrior way. To Ori Hofmekler, your book saved my life! To Cynthia Holdren, for all your support, for believing in me and more importantly, believing in yourself! To my many family & friends along the way that noticed a difference and offered your encouraging words…I love you all!

I don’t usually post stuff like this but, I am proud…I am proud to be me! I wouldn’t change not one day, that brought me here! Stay tuned…I’m gonna show the world what easy looks like!
Shawn Smith Before and after

Shawn Smith

My name is Mike Walker. I’m 55 yes old and resident in Boonton Twp, N.J. My wife is Jean Walker and is the same age. Ori speaks about freedom. That’s what this diet is precisely. I’m free of not going to lunch everyday with the herd. Free of calorie counting. Free of falling asleep or really wanting to at around 2pm while at work. Free of eating whatever I want at night. Free of a allergies since I can’t remember when. Free of snoring. Besides my co workers and family in awe of my body transformation, they want to know where I’m getting my energy and warrior like focus on all things. Total life changer. I’ve got to be one of your biggest advocates in Jersey. I don’t preach but when asked about how I lost the weight, will go on and on about the the many benefits of this diet. A thousand times thank you for your guidance.

Mike Walker

Aron Noble

Omar Diaz

It’s been 4 weeks since I’ve been practicing the Warrior Diet, CFT and Warrior workout. I’m glad to report a weight loss of 20 lbs, having gone from my heaviest ,178 lbs to 157 currently and still losing. I’m feeling healthier, more focused and clearer in my mentality. This is the second time I’ve had such dramatic results with the diet and workout regimen! I have to say I owe Ori my health and happiness, I love the workout program I love the Warrior Diet lifestyles and I can never express enough my gratitude for the wealth of knowledge and inspiration your words and philosophy have given me. Thank you very much Ori for keeping the Warrior Diet alive for all these years, I hope the legacy of the Warrior Diet and Defense Nutrition will continue to inspire and change the lives and health of others. Thank you from the bottom of heart.

Aron Noble

Hi there, just want to thank ori for the warrior diet! I have used the diet principles of The Warrior Diet for the last 6 years. In that time I have won 3 New Zealand national athletic bodybuilding titles and placed second in the nabba wff Southern Hemisphere bodybuilding champs. It has given me complete control of my weight. I have weighed as much as 95 kg at 5’5″ and used to struggle to keep my weight under 80 kg. now I stay around 65-70 kg without trying and competed three months ago at 62 kg. have attached several pix from this year. Thanks again!

Ori Hofmekler is the absolute Master of the the hybrid, glycolytic/oxidative pathway. His work in sustained-strength protocols is nothing short of revoutionary and one would hope that his unique approach, exemplified by the savage training ethic he demonstrates in this video, would gain the widespread traction it deserves. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this video reinforces the validity of that ancient cliche.

Marty Gallagher
Marty Gallagher
Former Champion Olympic Powerlifting Team Coach

Hi My name is Sandro I absolutely love your website And your products Including your books. I am so much into control fatigue training . It’s completely transformed my physical performance . But I want to do more I want to be more advanced I want to learn more from your website the only website and information that I can trust right now. Your type of exercise and nutrition matches science and history. That’s why I follow your website and buy your supplements.


 Ori’s Warrior Diet principles are some of the most cutting edge and useful strategies I am aware of for rejuvenating your muscles and your brain. Ori’s unique perspective and keen insights on integrating nutrition and fitness will catalyze your ability to optimize your health. I have personally used it with great success to rapidly increase my lean body mass, and I consider it a crucial component to successfully achieving your ideal weight.

Dr. Mercola
Founder of Mercola

Fantastic for diabetics

Iam diabetic and have problems with everything increasing my blood sugar including protein. I ran two fasting test to see what the Warrior Whey would do to my blood sugar. One test showed no change checking sugar 4 times over two hours. The second test only increased 4 points over two hours. For comparison I used skinless chicken breast with the same amount of protein and my sugars went up 62 and 74 points in the two trials. I actually purchased this product for my wife as see is dealing with severe mercury poisioning. We are trying in increase her glutathione but if something doesn’t taste great she won’t take it. She loves this product and takes it everyday. I would highly recommend this product for anyone but especially for diabetics.



Thank You for sharing your lifestyle, which I’m sure is the result of years of your own experimental design, does absolutely no justice to how grateful I am. I’m often advised to work on not being so extreme. But that’s just not who I am. I have always been a ‘go hard or go home’ kind of girl in whatever aspect of my life. In reading The Warrior Diet, I took license to stop beating myself up for not being ‘moderate’ and embrace who I am.


This is only my 3rd day but right now I am so amazed!

When I saw grapefruit & coffee for breakfast & 1st week detox I thought Oh No! I will be starving & feel like crap. I actually put it off few days, dreading it.

I had been battling serious fatigue & my body was gaining weight quickly, especially in tummy, hips & thighs.

First day!!! I took the supplements & ate my grapefruit. I was shocked that my stomach didn’t start hurting from all the pills on an empty stomach. Then in a very short while I began to feel energized! I feel great all day. My appetite has calmed down so I’m not hungry & needing energy every couple of hours. It’s been an amazing experience. I’ve taken supplements for years but never experienced any like this.

I’ll let u know about the weight loss.

Elizabeth Wolfe

I would love to. Chad Waterbury told me about Ori since my nutrition was lagging an edge. I am on the warrior diet and I am happy with it for the mere reason that my grocery bill is lower than what it used to be.

Yassir Nadifi

There are no words to express how much I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family’s life. I started the warrior diet at the age of 17 and have been faithfully living the warrior lifestyle ever since. I am 23 now and have no intent of living any other way. By incorporating all of your magnificent products including the Warrior Whey and following CFT program, I have obtained astonishing results. I started at a weight of 120lbs and have increased my lean body mass to 170lbs all while never going above a 9% fat percentage. I feel stronger and more resilient than ever. It has been fun to see the improvement of all the top shelf products you sell. I have faithfully being purchasing all the kits for 6 years, I started back when Warrior Whey was called Warrior milk. The products have always been top quality, and when i felt it could not get any better, you and your team release an even more outstanding product. I have a burning passion for everything you and Defense nutrition do. I love influencing others by showing them the light of how positive this lifestyle is. My parents and several friends have now begun their warrior path in life. I run circles around kids younger than me who are on the high school basketball team. I am devoted to influencing others and living this way for the rest of my life. I have a whole lot of appreciation for your great inspiration, products and the magnificent gift of your knowledge i have been able to learn from. Warrior for life!

Nick LoScalzo

Ori, since reading your book The Warrior Diet, my life has been changed. I’ve always been thin, but around my stomach and chest area I had a lot of fat build up. Was always afraid to take my shirt off. Since reading your book I’ve learned what foods to eat and what kind of supplements to take. Stopped drinking July 31st and watched my diet. Since then I lost 3 inches in my waist and my chest is starting to tone up. Thank you.


Notes on my story:

Three years ago I had just gained sixty pounds for the third time. At five feet ten inches I was a swollen Two Hundred Seventy Seven pounds. You see I was one of the guys who tried every diet. On every fade diet, I did lose weight, only to gain it all back and then some. Atkins, Zone, South Beach, Jenny Craig, Diet pills, Diet drinks, you name it I tried it. The more I dieted the sicker I became. Addicted to alcohol, sugar, and antibiotics, I was becoming a shell of a man. When I got stressed, I ate. When I was depressed I drank, and when I was happy I rewarded my self with both. I was taking antibiotics every six weeks to treat chronic sinus infections. I was living a sedentary life stile that cheated me from enjoying so much.

I know people were concerned about me, my own Mother tried to pay me twenty five thousand dollars to loose weight and I couldn’t. Ten years rolls by now I had just visited my third cardiologist office thinking I’m going to die of heart disease or numerous other diseases and I was feeling absolutely lost. Then a colleague said, “you look like shit” and gave me a copy of the Warrior Diet book. I took it home that evening and read it cover to cover. The next day I called my associate and asked if this was for real. This diet seems intense and counter to everything I’ve tried before. He said, “this is not a diet, it is a way of life”. He told me it would be hard but to give it three weeks.

I read the book through again. On my second reading it started to really make sense to me. Cycling between under eating and being able to over eat at diner sounded like something I could pull off. Sure it will be hard to under eat during the day, but I thought if I stay busy and keep looking forward to the diner, I will be ok. I know I can do any diet for a couple weeks and I was desperate for something, so I gave it a whirl.

I followed the book like it was religious commitment. Eating exactly as it required. I bought the supplements and went for it. It was extremely tough! I wanted to quit by the second day. Some how I managed to make it to the end of the first week. To my astonishment I had lost nine pounds in the first week. Well this gave the inspiration to go on another week. The second week was tougher then the first. It was like I was going through withdraw for sugar and booze. My only saving grace was eating until fully satiated at night. The end the second week came, I got on the scale and had lost another seven pounds. This is the most I had lost in a two week period. I said to myself, I can do it another week. The third week was even harder then the second. I had tremendous cravings for everything, pizza, steak, cookies. I was also feeling tired. I had such good results the first two weeks that I somehow pushed myself through the third week. I got on the scale and had lost an additional five pounds. I had lost twenty one pounds in three weeks. I was stoked!

I contact my associate and told him the good news. He was very pleased for me, but reminded me that this is a life style, not a diet. I knew he was right so I reached out to the author, Ori Hofmekler.

Before and After

I found Ori to be incredibly passionate about the way man is supposed it eat. He provided me insight to why we need to shift from under eating to the main meal. Moreover, he helped to understand shifting from detox, to high fat, to Carb fuel. He casted a light on so many areas that were unclear to me.

Ori and I began to communicate about my progress. This book and his consultation was life altering to say the least. One year after I started the diet I had lost seventy seven pounds. I was two hundred pounds and feeling great. I had cut all processed foods from my diet, alcohol, and red meat. I was feeling incredible. The warrior way was truly a life style for me for the rest of my life. I packed foods when on the road (tactical nutrition). I even brought my own food to family functions. Eating low on the food chain, detoxing properly and cycling fuels has lead to such improvement in my health. My testosterone is now normal (my wife is happy about this), my cholesterol is normal, my blood pressure is normal and most importantly, I have had one sinus infection in the last two years.

This is where it gets good. Ori introduced me to Controlled Fatigue Training (CFT). This gave me the proper tools to exercise efficiently and has man was meant to train. This training is what has made me a harden warrior. I went from two hundred pounds down to one hundred and sixty four pounds. My body fat is bellow 10%. I am stronger both mentally and physically then I ever thought I could be. I will be forty this year and I feel better than when I was twenty. In fact most twenty year olds could not keep up with the workouts I do.

I owe so much to Ori and the Warrior way. I was once a lost suffering sole and now have found the path to mental and physical enlightenment. When I’m out, I look around and see these fat suffering people. They remind me so much of who I was. Medicating with alcohol to have a good time and forget. I watch them eat food that is killing them and shake my head. I see these people trapped in bodies that can not perform even simple function. They think there happy. They don’t know any better…

I was hiking in the north of Italy last year. I hiked to the top of a mountain right at the edge of the Mediterranean sea. The view was spectacular. It occurred to me that very few people have come to this spot. It also occurred to me that three years ago I would not have been able to enjoy this moment on so many levels.


One day near the end of 2006, when I finally got the courage to step onto the scale I was schocked to see me weighing 93 kgs. And this with only 175 cm body height. At the time I already had many physical complains like, constipation, acute headaches at least once in a week, snoring at night, waking up tired every morning, sore joints and so on. My doctor found fat around my liver during a check up (although I never took alcohol at that time) and the health markers were not in good shape either for a 35 year old guy. I ate a lot of junk and fast food (chocolates, sweets, corn flakes, fruit yoghurts, crackers, chips) during the day. As for sports I played basketball for 2 hours once in a week but that didn’t helped much to get on shape. I had to do something…

Murat Kuzey Yilmaz

While searching for a way out I came upon an article saying that the enemy in our diet was sugar and mainly HFCS. That made sense to me and I decided to give up on all the sugar in my diet except for fruits. The results showed up quickly and I started to loose some weight. In the course of the next six months I was weighing around 85 kgs. But it stopped right there. I started jogging every other day for 30 min but hat only helped for another 2-3 kgs but that was all. However hard I tried I couldn’t break the 80 kgs wall. While searching for a solution I came upon the Paleo Diet saying to get rid of the grains also. So I did that. That helped me to loose another 7-8 kgs. This time I hit the 76-77 kgs resistance. My body shape improved very much and I started to get compliments from all around. Many of the complains talked above started do disappear. I was on the right path but the there was no way to get rid of the stubborn belly fat and the constipation. Then finally 8 months ago I got onto the Warrior Diet and life style over Dr. Mercola’s website. Fasting during the day, eating one meal at night and eating the right food when you eat to get full satisfaction was the key. You have to combine this with a 2-3 times week CFT… This was the path for reaching the best shape of my life at the age of 40. Belly fat gone, constipation gone and liver fat all gone thanks to Ori and his revolutionary Warrior Diet.

Murat Kuzey Yilmaz
Ankara, Turkey

I would like to thank you so much for your great inspiration and your passion by your incredible warrior diet. Juergen Reis (“Power Quest I”) introduced me to your diet. Because of this book I bought yours “the warrior diet” and enjoyed it a lot. Until then I feel so much energy through the day and my whole life. My Girlfriend an me consume almost exclusively natural food. The dinner every night is a great pleasure. Cooking is so creative and plain fun. Through you I know a lot more to appreciate it. Since January I am now a coachee of Juergen. With his support we optimized my (warrior) diet. It is really incredible. I benefit a lot of his coaching’s with you. Therefore I want to say thanks a lot again.

I’m also looking forward to try your Warrior Whey (I hope the shipping- and duty-costs to Germany won’t be to much J).

Thank you so much again. I wish you and your family only the best, a lot of love and success.


alk the walk!


I been researching your products and looking into your site for a little while now, maybe about a month and i just want to say how glad and pleased I am with your work. I have always been a good athlete and in good health but your work is helping me stay that way and prepare for future health and help lead this next generation (im 24) to real health and show how the government is letting us go this way. I will get all my products from you and lead many to you! Great work friend!



I felt that i had to wrote you a quick note and thank you for writting and informing the public about the Warrior diet…Here are my before and afters…


I started reading about the WD by accident while I was browsing a bodybuilding forum and the principles that were described directly made sense to me like puzzle pieces forming a picture.I read all the positive feedback and thought that there was no way people could be lying one after another about feeling so damn good and energetic every day.So I started gathering information,watched all of your youtube interviews and the way you break down things made me realize what wisdom and intelligence you possess.I directly ordered the book,because I was more than excited to see the miracle for myself. The outcome is that my life has changed 180 degrees for the better. I thank you so much. I discovered the WD on my 21 birthday and see it as a kind of rebirth. I wish more people were like you. Why is society poisoning people and how can “health experts” make a living spreading lies. You’re the greatest man to ever live in my eyes because the book,your desire to help people who are able to see the good, saved my life. I’m from germany and spreading the word between my closest friends and they are loving it. It’s a shame I’ll probably never be able to speak to you in person as you are the man who made it possible for me to become a real human being. Much love and I wish you and your family a long and wonderful life.


Hi Ori–I am a 51-year-old woman who has been on the warrior diet for three weeks now. I cannot tell you how much better I feel and how much more energy I have! I have also lost 11 lbs. of what looks like pure body fat! I am so excited!

I have struggled with weight issues all my life and have managed to keep it off for the most part. I had triplets in 1994 but was able to lose my weight then. But in 2005 I had a full hysterectomy and began gaining belly fat which I had never had to deal with before. And it is very stubborn! I was up to 185 lbs (I’m 5’8″) last year at this time and lost a little on weight watchers but gained all but 10 lbs. back. What I think about that diet is that I was always thinking of food and figuring out what I could eat next, then writing it down. My brother has been on the warrior diet (as a way of life) for almost a year and has been encouraging me to try it. I finally relented and tried it. I think what I have benefitted more than anything from the warrior diet is a vitality that I haven’t had in a really long time. I think I would do the diet even if I weren’t losing any weight! I am making the diet my lifestyle and my son and best friend are doing it too. I would love to get my husband to do it! Thanks for all the great information!

Julia C.
China Spring, TX


Hi! I am Brandy Jackson and you may have heard me over the past several months co-hosting or learning I might say on Ori’s radio show “The Warrior Within… Your Guide to Nutrition, Energy, Sex & Survival”. I am also Ori’s Executive Producer for the show. I first met Ori when I called him and talked to him about hosting his own radio show, a show where he would be able to tell it like it is and share his philosophies on Nutrition. In the course of getting to know Ori, I shared both my desire and frustration behind trying to lose weight the way the “Industry” was and are still pushing it. To both my relief and skepticism Ori told me he could help! So on January 28, 2008 I started putting into action Ori’s philosophies and I have consistently lost weight each and every week since–never has there been a week I haven’t lost something. To date I have lost 57 lbs.!! You have to understand I have not weighed under 200lbs in over 7 years and I have not had to kill myself with exercise either! Ori has me up to 4 minutes a day right now–yes that’s not a typo–4 min’s a day. You will be surprised how 4 minutes a day can feel if you are doing the right exercise – you will feel it! Absolutely incredible in just over 5 months!! More important than the weight loss is that I have energy again – no longer the couch potato I once was, my self esteem has gone up tremendously and I am not even to my goal yet!! Ori’s philosophy has a lot to do with what, when and the combination of foods you eat but know this–I have never felt starved or deprived, in fact I finally feel not only good about the food choices I am now making but educated about them as well. Thank you Ori for not only helping me to find my Warrior Within but in helping me release it!!

Brandy J. Jackson

As my training was progressing I realized I needed to do more to reach the weight I wanted to be. As I trained with Coach Jim Massaro, I had watched him loose over forty pounds and heard him speak about the Warrior Diet and Ori Hofmekler I decided to learn more about it , I went out and bought the book, it was a easy read full of incredible information on how I can reach my goals and change my life. I taught the timing was wrong because I was going to start during the holiday season, but after finishing the three week weight loss program I was down 11 lbs. and my energy was through the roof. Now I was right in the middle of the holiday season with all the parties and events planned I was a little nervous but I had realize that I had learned that with the right combination of foods and with the addition of the Controlled Fatigue Training (CFT) this would not be an issue. I was able to knock off another 4 lbs. I enjoy the holiday season like never before. Thanks Ori for answering all my nutrition and fitness needs I feel I am in the best shape of my life.

Carolyn Izzo-Feldman

“I had started doing this play Off-Broadway called, ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)’. There were three of us doing this highly physical play eight times a week, and it was intense. We were onstage the entire hour and a half of the show, doing 50 different characters. It was fantastic, but it got to be exhausting. My energy level would change from day to day: Sometimes I’d wake up really groggy, other days I’d wake up with a lot of energy, and it was frustrating.

At first I looked at my sleeping patterns. I made sure to get regular amounts of sleep, but my energy was still up and down throughout the day, and sometimes it was hard to get revved up for the performance. So then I started trying common-knowledge diets, like eating little bits throughout the day, to try to keep my blood sugar even. This didn’t work for me at all; my energy still went way up and way down.

I had been getting mailings from Dragon Door, and I finally noticed The Warrior Diet book. I read the table of contents, and thought, ‘Alright, I’ll get this book.” So I got it, read it, and started the diet right away. And immediately, I mean IMMEDIATELY, I started feeling phenomenal.

I feel very alert and much lighter, and more importantly, I have a cycle of ingestion and elimination, which is never dealt with in other diets. They all talk about what you put in your body, but not about how it gets out, and how regularly it gets out. I believe that to be really important. I really sense that I have a daily detoxification and ingestion process; I mean, I really feel like I’m on a cycle with this diet, and it helps ground me.

Tastes have improved; a world of tastes that wasn’t there before has opened up for me. I have an appreciation for the wide variety of foods and their colors and textures. And as an artist, this sensitivity is invaluable, because it’s that kind of specificity for things that really inspires me.

I noticed that as an actor, my senses were heightened two-hundredfold when I cut back on the sugar. It was only by cutting back that I realized how aggressive that taste is, and how unnatural it is. And I had been totally unaware of that because I was taking it in so much. The Warrior Diet now affects my perceptions about everything, especially living in a place like Manhattan. Here, advertisements are crammed down your throat everywhere you turn, and everything is bright colors and billboards and Times Square; I mean, everything is like, in your face.” Moving away from sugar and processed foods hasn’t made the lights blink any dimmer or decreased the number of ads in the city, but it has made Goldstrom want to avoid the noisy New York clutter when possible, and when impossible, to at least take it in through more patient senses.

Goldstrom realized that the new diet was actually quite similar to the way he ate when not on a stressful performance schedule. “I realized that when I wasn’t working, which as an actor can be quite often, that I tended to eat just one large meal at night, and not much during the day. It worked well for my natural system. And the Warrior Diet provided a flexible structure for this way that I had been trying to eat. It was very easy to follow and stick to.

I pretty much do the sample day that’s in the book. In the morning, I have two glasses of water to clear the system, and then I have some coffee. (Everyone says, “You can have coffee?!?”) During the day, I go around the corner to get these fresh vegetable juices. I hated, HATED, them before; I can’t even tell you how much I used to detest them. And now, I adore and crave them. I get juices made with carrots, beets, kale, chard and apple, all in different combinations.

Sometimes I’ll crave more greens, or more reds, and I completely believe what Ori says in the book about craving different colors. I think that the colors are connected to the chemical makeup of the food, and that your body craves these chemicals through sight. It’s a very integrated approach to food and nutrition and desire for food.

In the evening, I generally have three-to four-course meals. I start off with a salad, and then soup. From there, I follow the advice to start off with subtler foods and more towards more aggressive ones. You know the old folk wisdom of ‘save the best for last’? That makes a lot of sense when you’re talking about diet, because those more aggressive-tasting foods will cover up the quality of subtler foods, like broccoli. And it makes sense to start out with a salad, because it goes through the stomach lining very easily, and leaves more room for all the other stuff. Then I’ll move on to the vegetables, then meat, maybe an omelet, and some bread.”

Although Goldstrom is pretty good about sticking to the diet, he admits that he does have a weakness. “I love chocolate. One of the good things about the Warrior Diet is that chocolate is allowed, and I definitely haven’t cut the sugar out completely. Sometimes during the day, I’ll have something like chocolate-covered almonds, but nothing too heavy. I just don’t crave anything heavy during the day anymore.

My awareness of many tastes and even textures got heightened tremendously by eating natural foods. I noticed the difference in texture of a carrot from broccoli and other stuff that that I would never eat before, but now could really appreciate. I realized, taste-wise, how aggressively processed foods are designed. They really numb your taste buds. My cravings for foods really shifted, because I started to become aware of my desire for a certain texture or quality of food.”

Goldstrom has always kept in good shape, most recently with a combo of martial arts, some yoga, and a little of Pavel Tsatsouline’s stuff. Even so, the exercises didn’t make him trimmer until he started eating the Warrior way. “The minute I started the diet, my body reacted. My body responds very quickly to changes, and in the first week I became so much leaner looking. It was really amazing. I was doing the same exercises as before, but because of what I was eating and when I was eating, I got leaner.

I’ve been on the diet since early March of 2002. Everyone’s like, ‘You’re still doing it?’ and I’m like, ‘You bet!’ I absolutely plan to stick with the Warrior Diet. It’s a lifestyle for me now.”

Michael Goldstrom

Tired, lazy, and with uncontrollable hunger. That’s how I would describe myself before reading the “The Warrior Diet”. At 5 ft 9, and 230lbs I was much heavier than I had ever been before. Needless to say I just didn’t feel like myself. So I began to search for an answer, not a diet but a lifestyle change. That’s when I stumbled upon “The Warrior Diet”. This book changed my life! The principles were easy to follow and the program just made sense. No counting calories, no diet foods, it was just what I had been looking for to shed the extra weight. I followed the warrior program and included regular exercise 30 minutes a day 2 times a week. I began to lose weight instantly. Within one month I had dropped 25lbs.

Mark for ScrantonAfter my success on the diet I decided to then read Ori’s other book the Anti-Estrogenic Diet. I was shocked by the information contained in the book. Why wasn’t I aware of the dangerous chemicals all around me? The information in this book is esstianal to any man or women interested in having a lean healthy body. Once again it was a huge eye opener. I included Anti-Estrogenic foods and supplements from Defense Nutrition®. This took my weight loss to a whole knew level. I began taking EstroX, and the Detox kit from the website. I also incorporated Warrior Essentials, and Warrior Rice Powder into my post recovery meals after exercise. The supplements gave me that edge that I needed to shred the estrogenic fat on my body.

The result within six months I had lost 70lbs! I feel great! I am never tired and feel like a real person again. I will never go back eating multiple meals a day or loading my body with estrogenic foods and chemicals again.

Ori is for real. He is the one person willing to “tell it how it is”. If you are interested in losing weight or just improving your health read Ori’s books before you start any program. You wont be disappointed.

Mark for Scranton

I know you must get a ton of emails so I’ll keep this as short as I can. First I want to just give you some quick history about my situation. I have been overweight my entire life, I have always been thick and muscular underneath my fat which is a positive I suppose if I could ever peel the layers of fat off my body.

I’m 5’8” tall 28 years old and currently weigh about 235lbs In highschool I wrestled at 190lbs and in the last 7 years I have been as low as about 175 or so. Even at 175 I would consider myself about 20 lbs overweight. in other words not even close to a hard lean look… At 175 I found it nearly impossible to maintain that weight, at the time I was doing weight training and a lot of running to nowhere about 5 times a week for at least an hour if not 2 hours each session. I gain nearly all of my weight in my belly area and love handles.

I am a Fedex delivery driver and work about 55 to 60 hours a week. About 3 months ago I hurt my ankle at work and had about 2 months off. I was sick of feeling lethargic and looking fat and overweight. I had let myself go to nearly 260lbs. I started looking on the internet and searching for fat blasting cardio routines that I could do when my ankle felt better. Thats when I came across Pavel Tsatsuline and kettlebells. Long story short I ordered a starter kit and couldn’t wait to get started…

While looking at dragondoor.com’s website I saw the links and info about the warrior diet and I went out the next day and bought your book The Warrior Diet.

After about 8 weeks on the Warrior diet combined with kettlebell training I have lost 25lbs and I am thrilled. I must admit that I was very skeptical of the warrior diet concept and expected to feel weak and exhausted all day long. Man was I wrong, luckily I was off work so I was able to prepare all the foods and vegetables and things I would need for the diet in the the first few weeks. I bought a juicer and I absolutely love drinking fresh juice every day for “breakfast” and before my salad in the evening main meal (everything organic of course). My wife is absolutely thrilled about my HUGE increase in energy. From the very first week I have been helping her around the house way more, doing laundry, dishes, and helping her keep the house in order. All things I used to dread and argue with her about I don’t even mind doing at all, it is so strange sometimes I can’t even believe it.

Over this past weekend I downloaded all the radio shows from The Warrior Within. I absolutely love listening to these shows. I even ordered Marty’s new book the Purposeful Primitive last night. I havent quite caught up on all the episodes of the radio show yet and I had a couple of questions about the under-eating phase and my workout recovery meal.

First I was wondering, my job is pretty active I have clocked it with a pedometer and I walk about 5-7 miles a day, upstairs, up hills, carrying heavy boxes and so forth. I realize now after listening to you and Marty that pretty much I might as well be washing dishes or gardening. In other words, yes Im burning a few calories but obviously not enough to change my body, since my job alone will not take the fat off me. I usually do my tougher workout in the morning at 5am for about a half hour. I am following Pavel’s program in Enter the Kettlebellon light days I just juice and have maybe a little bit of organic 1% milk (going to switch to Whole Milk) after my morning workout.

I work from about 6am to 6pm Mon-Fri. My food that I bring for the day usually consists of a 4-5 strawberries, a small salad usually just some romain lettuce maybe a little onion and mushroom and light dressing or no dressing. Also for the late after noon I have about 6-8 almonds and 4-5 walnuts.

Recently I started taking my 35lbs kettlebell to work and doing some variety work and sometimes some intense workouts during my lunch break. I go to a park and workout outside, it is absolutely great to workout on the grass outside. I was wondering first of all if I’m not really hungary or don’t feel like eating at all during the day should I still eat the strawberries and salad and stuff anyway, or is it better not to eat at all if I don’t really have the desire to eat and just wait for the main meal in the evening. To put it simply, if under eating all day is good, is not eating at all a little better? especially if I’m not really craving anything?

Also on days when I workout twice a day (once in the morning and once at work) or workout at work pretty hard, what should I bring for a replacement meal… sometimes I will bring an apple or something but I’m just not sure what I should be eating after working out. Let me also say that I am not afraid of hard work. I will be picking up the intensity alot more after listening to you and Marty. I am planning on purchasing some of your products such as the vitamins and protien milk and so forth in the near future but I would really love to know what whole foods would be best to eat after a hard workout that will feed my body the nutrition it needs to recover and grow.

Thank you for all that you do, sorry this email is way longer than I intended. Just want you to know that I am spreading the warrior diet word as far as I can. This is the only diet I have ever tried that I honestly believe I will never stop I’ve seen so many benefits in just 8 weeks it’s incredible…


Matt Kelvin

My name is Joshua Woodward, I am 31 years old (32 on March 26th). I became a type 1 diabetic in January of 2005 when I was in the best shape of my life. I was 6’0″, 203 lbs. and about 6 % body fat, constantly being a workout fiend and trying to learn about the body as much as I can. Due to the diabetes I lost 20 lbs of muscle in 2 weeks dropping all the way down to 183. It took me almost 2 years to get back over 200 lbs., working hard to keep my blood sugar in check. I was fortunate enough to meet Ori a little more than a year ago and because we share a passion for health and body, we began collaborating.

About 6 months ago I switched my protein to Warrior Whey™, having it in the morning and after workouts and it has had amazing effects on me. I am down to about 6% body fat again, weigh 208 lbs., and am stronger than I have ever been in my life. My hemoglobin A1C is around 7 and I am taking less insulin than I was before using Warrior Whey™ and am still able to maintain my blood sugar. I still take Lantus at night, but my Novolog is down to 1 or 2 shots a day and I am still able to maintain weight and strength due to the new protein! I will continue working with Ori and his products to improve my situation to be healthy on the inside and out. Obviously being insulin free would be ideal, but with
the help of Warrior Whey™, I have definitely made the best
of the situation I am in!

Joshua Woodward

I read your book when I was doing research for a fitness challenge I started in January. I was doing a fitness challenge on a bet with my sis that I could get ripped like the guys in the 300 movie. I think I won.

I stayed the same weight (~160, 5’10”) but lost 2 inches on my waist (crazy for a skinny guy). I haven’t measured my fat percentage yet. It was ~8% last december. The challenge started Dec 31st and Ended April 20th. 4 months.

Well, I thank you for writing clearly and simply. I was lost on so many different methods for zone, paleo, fasting, gaining mass, losing fat. Your book opened my eyes to the dangers of estrogenic foods and the benefits of fasting.


I am an E-6 in the US Navy and currently an operator on a West Coast SEAL Team. I’ve been using your products and following the Warrior diet for about two years now, and just wanted to write to thank you. To begin with, the Warrior Diet supplements, the Essentials, Bars and Milk, are the only ones I trust. I know they work, I know they’re clean, and nothing comes close to the taste. I feel so strongly about the products I have put my family on them.

Since I’ve been following the diet I have maintained what I call my proper “fighting” weight. Over the last few years I have veered from the diet, but always returned. I just don’t feel right unless I’m following the basic guidelines of under-eating during the day with a main meal at night. When my job precludes me from eating a large main meal, I simply switch to small meals until I’m out of the field. In addition, your program has made sense of supplements, and brought balance to my daily diet and exercise program.

The philosophy of the Warrior diet is one that is close to my heart. In a society that is becoming ever more indulgent, the Warrior diet stands out as a set of balancing guidelines to proper eating and clean living. A Spartan lifestyle is a Warrior lifestyle. The Warrior diet isn’t one of unnecessary deprivation. Rather, it’s one of innate balance.

Finally, it’s rare nowadays to find any business whose customers health and well being are truly a main focus. I am confident that the primary aim of the Warrior Diet Company is the health of its customers, and that translates to loyal customers. Thank you again for the incredible supplements, diet program, and unparalleled customer service.


It has been about six months now since I started following the Warrior Diet eating system and i have never felt better. I have eaten pretty much the exact same thing as i used to, as it was mostly aligned with the principles the book outlines, the only factors i have changed are when i eat and i have now lost around 15 Lbs which was definitely stubborn fat, from around the abdominal and thighs, most of which i dropped in the first two months of following the system. I have since gained muscle, i don’t know how much specifically, feeling so lean i don’t bother weighing anymore.

I have lead a very active life for a long time now. Cycling to work, studying martial arts and rock climbing, i have always eaten a lot and never seen it to be a problem, for me the time factor was the last piece of the puzzle, the last road block to realizing my full potential, raising focus, maintaining energy and eliminating the terrible crashing out.

My progress in martial studies has increased greatly, theres is nothing restricting my movement or weighing me down in the hard to get at stubborn places anymore, the balancing out of my energy levels has helped me to be able to maintain complete focus while training and missing classes due to crashing out has been eliminated. something that i already enjoyed has become the greatest part of my life, i feel energized after finishing training, not depleted, this feeling is helping me to retain so much more of what i have gained from the training itself.

After having such success with the system and enjoying the book immensely, I had to come and add a testimonial, its not something i would normally do yet this really has changed everything for more, all for the better. thank you so much!

Ryan W.
Perth, Australia

I have been a conditioning, health, and nutrition coach for many years. I have learned from the best – Dr. Fred Hatfeild, Charles Staley, and renowned fitness guru Paul Chek. During my career I have trained a number of very talented boxers, including four time world champion Greg Haugen, heavyweight contender Joe Hipp, Walter Wright from the TV show “The Contender”, and former world middleweight champion Kenny Ellis. I have also worked with athletes in other sports, including professional PGA golfer Michael Putnam.

My hard won skills took a great leap forward when I began to study under Ori Hofmekler. I first leaned about Ori’s programs, thoughts, and structure from his bestseller, “The Warrior Diet,” which I loved. I have employed much of the knowledge in that book while doing personal training with my own clients. My excitement about Ori’s work increased enormously when he helped me solve a client’s difficult fat loss problem that absolutely had to be successfully addressed before his middleweight title fight. Ori was a great mentor thoughout the entire time. Afterwards, I flew down to LA to take his Controlled-Fatigue Training internship. This was a great eye opener for me, and Ori’s hospitality was second to none, as well.

Now to the event that led me to write this letter. I have a new client, a boxer named Roger Cantrell, who, with a 12-0 record and 9 KOs, is one of boxing’s hottest up and comers. A few weeks back Roger hired me to over see his conditioning for his upcoming bout. He was 20 pounds (that’s right 20 pounds!) over his fighting weight. I immediately got on the phone with Ori and we designed a nutrition and conditioning program that helped Roger get ripped while at the same time shedding body fat. We also followed the modified Controlled Fatigue Program (CFT) I learned while going through Ori’s Level One internship. Ori added a few new wrinkles to his basic program and Roger not only lost the body fat but was stronger then ever before. The result speaks for itself. In the fourth round Roger knocked out his opponent with a savage array of punches he said he had never been able to do before.

Ori’s was a great mentor for me during this time. Yes, perhaps I could of pulled it off myself, but why not tap into a great mind. Ori not only went out of his way to help me, but also gave his heart and soul to it as if he was doing it. The man is one of a kind. I looking forward to learning even more about nutrition and conditioning from him in the years ahead.

Thanks for all your help and God bless

David Grisaffi, C.H.E.K. II

Jurgen Reis is an active professional athlete and starts since five years for the Austrian world cup team of sports climbers. As a strength sports author he first drew the attention in spring 2004 with his physical fitness bestseller The Peak principle. Moreover, the approved NLP-Practitioner and sports climbing teacher is active as independent seminar trainer and personal coach. In his follow-up work Peak Power he presents hot facts for his success program consisting of training, diet and mental strength.

With the Warrior Diet to My Very Best World Cup Season!

As a professional world cup sports competition climber, I am always curious about new knowledge – every training, nutrition or mental strategy that makes me stronger – I want to know it! One of my passions besides my sport is also, like Ori, writing and publishing books about training and nutrition in Europe. Unfortunately at present only in German. So admittedly – I am a book and news fanatic. I order new publications often before the delivery date and I have subscribed to all common health magazines. So you can imagine about how many “brilliant diet strategies” besides training and mental energy topics, I was informed very well of since my first book the “Peak Principle” was published in 2004. 95% of the miracle diets in these books, reports and studies, however, are not for me as a professional athlete, and are an absolute waste of time and energy.

But whoever wants to find gold should as well love the patient sinking in sand and soil. Nevertheless, at the beginning of 2005 I slowly started doubting if I would be able to find something really new and certainly also really useful. I was wrong, because in May suddenly an author named Hofmekler showed up in my private sports library. No, he had not only written one book but three on his revolutionary diet form! With one of them even a talented medical student will have some serious understanding problems. Finest science! Moreover, special squads of the U.S. army, world class athletes and sometimes even world champions of all kinds of strength and martial arts, decorated his reference pages. But what convinced me in the end were the pictures of the author himself. Was blood doping already possible for a long time? Had somebody used the DNA of Bruce Lee? Ori has perfect definition and muscle development – and this at an age of 56 years!

Maximum Power all over the year with a minimum of Body Fat
World Cup climbers are necessarily experts in regard to strength and muscle building. Both components of strength, maximum strength and strength endurance are as important as technique and agility in my sport. In short, sport climbers are strength training athletes.

Additionally the body fat level plays a decisive role for a sport climber just as for a bodybuilder. At the climbing wall his weight works against him – muscles mean strength, whereas body fat stands for balance. For this reason a climber, along with bodybuilders, are experts in muscle building and body fat reduction. But other than bodybuilders, who have to be in excellent form for competitions once or twice a year, a climber has to be at his best for competitions during several months during the spring and fall. Thus for him it is extremely important to maintain a constant level of fitness and performance throughout the whole year.

Coachings with Ori helped me to find my exact way of dieting
Practicing the “Warrior Diet” for 20 months in combination with the specific advice that Ori gave me in our very valuable telephone coachings, I was able to increase my overall energy level and also my power and endurance in competitions. The best were the competition days – I was able to stay “in 100% power-shape” during the whole day. In the past this was always one of my main problems – I was fit in the morning, but the longer the day was you know, getting hungry, starting to eat some snacks, etc. and suddenly you feel tired and not energized anymore. With Ori’s “Warrior Diet” this now belongs 100% to the PAST! The result was my very best season that I have ever climbed in the World Cup. Right now, I am in 21st place in the world – and the world cup is not yet finished! I was really getting stronger every month, since I started to practice this “Lifestyle sports diet”. Even on rest days with high efforts, I certainly improve with the advantages I have just mentioned.

Overtraining, cold and my comeback in spring 2007
But not only his skills as a professional nutrition coach made the personal consultations with Ori one of the most valuable “investments” I made within the last years. After a training week in New Mexico with my friend Clarence Bass, I was starting my usual climbing training back home with a little too much enthusiasm. So I was overtrained and suffering from a cold, which “costs” me the first two national cups in March. Ori helped me out of the mistakes I made. Beside teaching me how to feed my hormonal system which is very important for all anabolic processes in the body and the immune system with the right foods, his advices helped in a better planning of my training. This advice made the critical changes posible. Although Ori is no specialist in climbing or training climbers, his basics in the “survival training principle” – CFT – is groundbreaking for every athlete, who wants to develop his best. Together with my local coach, I was able to adjust my training and nutrition schedule and now I am improving better then ever before. No matter if you are a competitive athlete or just lifting weights for fun, I guarantee – Give the “personal support” of Ori a chance – it will lead you to the next level!

4 Pounds of lean muscle gain in six weeks!
Right now, I train harder but more structured than ever before. Together with an even further optimized nutrition, I was able to increase my bodyweight over 4 pounds within the last six weeks. Certainly at the same time, my power, especially my body power, increased again. Although, I elevated my overall calories, I am still lean! The knowledge of eating the right things, at the right time, makes the difference! So my body fat level is still low – about 5%, and I look and feel more muscular but still with very sharp definition! At my last competitions, I did very well again (2nd last week on a National Cup) and so my license for the World Cup is saved.

Healthy fat as main fuel even on hard training days!
My main fuel changed over many little steps – each of them well advised by Ori from Carb- into Fat fuel. From up to four High-Carb days – after a year, I am now able to stay on my “main fuel” so Ori calls for fat for up to 5 or 6 days during a hard training week! I feel more energy and recover faster then ever before. Even if I use the advantages of Carbs for very hard training – or competition days, I feel more toughness and endurance then ever before. Seems my body can use both “sourced” for really great performance.

In one of my last telephone coachings, Ori told me, that by following his diet, it is possible to stay young for much longer, because of the natural cycles that allow the body to recycle muscle and cells. So I am looking forward to improve further and climb stronger than ever before in the international world cup circus!

I can really recommend Ori’s books and especially his telephone coachings for all athletes, who want to make their “Warrior Diet” perfectly customed for their metabolism, body types and efforts of their specific sports and disciplines!

Thank you Ori!

Jurgen Reis (Austria)

I don’t often feel compelled to respond or comment on a product unless I feel that I have been taken or cheated. As unfortunate as this statement is I would like to say that I am completely impressed with your book “The Warrior Diet”.

I have for several years just continued to get fatter and fatter at such a slow rate that I had almost fooled myself into thinking that was just how life is and had to be. I even visited a gym trained ran and lifted weights. I did this for almost 18 months and while I did see an increase in muscle I could never get off the fat. I continued to hover at 215 to 225lbs now I know some would read that and say “aw so what that’s not heavy” I will tell you at 5’9″ you feel a little obese. Since I started your diet (with only some training i.e. pushups pull ups and walking) I have lost 45lbs and 10″ off of my waist. Oh I forgot to mention the time frame I started early December of 2008 and I am writing this in late July (OMG the excitement). Now that I am into this about 6 months I feel comfortable enough that I am not going to hurt myself with my extra weight that I can start to do things like play soccer, run and play on the playground with my son (which I might add seems to make the other parents appear to be jealous). In fact I had not seen my mother or my mother in-law in that time frame, did you know neither of them could believe it was me when they noticed me sitting in my chair on my son’s birthday Ha! My own mom.

My progress has been stunning not only to myself and my loved ones but my coworkers and customers as well. I have 2 of my coworkers currently on your diet. Eric the largest of the 2 started at my height and weighed 285lbs in 2 months he is down to 260lbs (I think he is eating too much in the under eating phase but it’s still working). Every time someone sees me and asks what I have been doing I refer them to your book.

Probably one of the most entertaining things about this diet is how incredibly silly it makes people in the mainstream nutrition business look, or even better people who think they are healthy how silly they sound. I have an acquaintance that has some sort of degree in nutrition who tells me all the time how bad my diet is for me and how it’s going to make me fat and rundown. All I can do is shake my head and laugh even faced with the evidence in front of him he continues to believe the garbage he is fed… oh well what are you going to do?

Ori I can’t begin to thank you enough for writing this book it has really changed my life I can’t wait to see what I look like in another 6 months. The only thing that I would like to see more of is some updated blogs or newsletters of course how much could you write on this without giving the contents of your book away? Maybe a place where people could submit recopies’ or something like that. Or even a spot to track your progress, it could be inspirational to some.

Well enough of my rambling keep up the good work and thank you!

James Page

I don’t know if you remember me, or not, but I wanted to let you know that I’m back on your Anti Estrogenic Diet, and I’m having good results!

The first week I lost 26 pounds! The second week I lost 9 pounds! I’m in the 3rd week now.

In the first 2 weeks I lost inches too!

I lost 4 inches from my bust.
I lost 6 inches from my tummy.
I lost 8 inches from my waist! (WOW)
I lost 4.5 inches from my hips.
I lost 3.5 inches from my thigh.
I lost 3 inches from my calf!
I lost 2 inches from my upper arm.
I lost 1.5 inch from my wrist.
I lost 1/2 inch from my neck.

I am feeling a LOT better and I am excited about losing and feeling good again. It is exciting to have lost 35 pounds in 2 weeks…. but, I still want to lose 204 more pounds, so I realize that I have a LONG way to go. I think I’m more determined and committed than I have ever been before. The biggest blessing is that my husband has agreed to support me in this diet, this time around…and he is not going to hound me about the diet …constantly worrying I’m not getting enough protein, or I’m losing too much too fast… or any of his other concerns. He will keep them to himself. He has agreed that we don’t have to go out to eat nearly as often and that he will try really hard to help me stay on the diet this time. He needs to lose about 80 pounds… but, the low carb high protein diet works best for him.

I hear that you have some new products coming out soon? What are they all about? When will they be coming out? I’m taking all of your supplements that you suggested. I haven’t started an exercise program yet, but I know I will need to do that before long. When I lose all of this weight, I’ll have a really good testimonial for your diet! I want to encourage and inspire other people who are as badly overweight as I am, and to show them that they can be set free from the extra weight! If you need someone to test drive any of your new supplements, I’d gladly volunteer!

Lynda Denson
Diamond in the Rough

Warrior Diet Endorsment

Dr. Mark Mattson,
Professor of Neuroscience
Johns Hopkins University.

Recent studies by Dr. Mark Mattson, Professor, Department of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University, and colleagues at the National Institute on Aging (2003) have shown that mice who followed intermittent fasting (one day fasting followed by overeating twice the amount of daily calories the next day) were surprisingly provided with substantial benefits including increased life span, reversal of diabetes, and increased resilience to age related brain damage. Researchers speculated that the cycle of fasting-overeating affects the brain similar to the way physical exercise affects muscles.

Udo Erasmus,
author of “Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill”

The Warrior Diet is an unusual book. It is a book without measurements, but with feeling. A book that encourages you to break rules to find passion. A book not written by academics who analyze everything, but by someone who trusts life and questions stupidity, and encourages you to do the same. This alone is reason to read The Warrior Diet.

Something in you already knows a lot about how you should live. Find, and listen to, and trust that instinct, author Ori Hofmekler tells you.
Experts have a nasty tendency to make what’s natural and simple more complicated. They make their living by collecting rent on the insecurity they create by undermining your common sense. To do that, they snow you with big words.

In that regard, lucky for you, Ori is not an expert. He encourages you to live by an inner wisdom born of 3.5 billion years of development of creatures made from food and for activity – survival, reproduction, discovery, and joy.

You are endowed with a genetic program that knows how to build a healthy body. Do not poison that program with toxic synthetic man made molecules that have never been present in nature. Provide it with the building blocks it needs to build that body. How do you do that? Without getting technical, Ori encourages you to get there through interesting information, through tasty recipes for health, through exercise, through lifestyle, through ways of thinking, and through calling the sleeping warrior within you to awake.

Harvey Diamond,
author of “Fit For Life”

“I met Ori Hofmekler a couple of years ago in a Japanese restaurant. It stunned me how much he ate that night. I had never seen anyone so lean eat like that. At the time, he was editor in chief of Mind & Muscle POWER magazine.

I had known of Ori’s art for quite a while. His political satirical paintings always struck me as unique, bold, and thought provoking. They are often very funny. His images have stuck in my mind for years. To quote the late, great Joseph Heller, author of Catch-22 and numerous other classics: “Ori Hofmekler is a painter of great merit with tremendous wit, intelligence, and imagination. He is better at satirical political art than any other artist I know of at this time. His work deserves to be much better known and more widely enjoyed and treasured.”

Breaking taboos, exposing lies, and punching holes in political “balloons” are all essential qualities for strong, effective satire. Real satire makes us laugh every time we’re shown the naked (and often ugly) truth.

The Warrior Diet isn’t satirical art, but the uncompromising integrity of its creator is evidenced here as well. This book is about the art of raw living. I find the concept of The Warrior Diet unique, and although it’s quite controversial, I believe it will create a revolution in people’s lives. The Warrior Diet triggers and unleashes primal instincts within us, many of which have been inhibited or dulled. It endorses virtues such as feeling a sense of freedom, alertness, and possessing optimum mental and physical strength. It also redefines what it means to be a warrior, to be tough, and to be romantic. In other words, this isn’t just a diet. It’s a way of life, a renaissance of the spirit of raw living. Ori and I share a similar vision. We both believe that detoxification activates a natural self-healing process and should, therefore, be a top priority.

We both believe that there is a wisdom deep within us all that can guide us to live better, healthier lives. We both agree that consuming live [raw] foods and live enzymes is essential for your health, and affects the way you feel. While we naturally have our differences, they do not detract in any way from the overall effectiveness of his approach. Besides, all you have to do is meet Ori and you will quickly see the man is definitely onto something.

While reading Ori’s The Warrior Diet, I realized that it all makes sense. Concepts such as the Warrior Cycle, the energy cycle – and his explanation of the interplay between materialism and dematerialism – shed new light on how we operate around the circadian clock. Time is an essential factor in the Warrior Diet. Ori calls this “the lost dimension,” since the concept of time and cycles doesn’t play an important role in most other diets. (My original Fit For Life book was based on the circadian clock).

“Unleashing the power of your instincts” is a refrain that appears throughout the book. Ori is at his fascinating best when discussing our human primal instincts, be it the hunter/predator instinct versus the scavenger instinct, the instincts to survive and multiply, or the romantic instinct. Ori demonstrates how each instinct connects to the other and how they all relate to the Warrior Instinct.

This book is akin to a new “manifesto.” It covers all aspects of life, including the instinctual connection between food and sex – a connection that penetrates to the core of human existence. Beyond all the unique and intriguing philosophy, vision, and ideas set forth, there is a very clearly defined diet here that I find to be most effective. “Lessons from History” explains how the Warrior Diet is based on the old traditions of ancient warriors, yet has been updated to be effective for the modern world. It’s designed to allow for creativity and individuality, so you can follow its principles in your own unique way.

I find this diet to be as effective for women as it is for men, in spite of all the macho references. As a final note, I believe strongly in “what you see is what you get.” Ori is living proof that the Warrior Diet works.”

John Du Cane,
Publisher, Dragon Door Publications

I believe that Ori Hofmekler is such a person. A true Renaissance Man, Ori went through Special Forces army training, has been a champion gymnast, a best-selling political artist, and a magazine editor and publisher. He combines formidable training in the physical and martial arts with broad-ranging erudition and a blazing intelligence. His scholarly interests span history, philosophy, literature, art, anthropology and nutritional science.
So, his Warrior Diet is not just about what to eat – the focus of traditional diet books – it’s also about how to improve your life. The Warrior Diet represents one man’s quest for the Holy Grail of deeply engaged living. While many of Ori’s ideas are startling, they are grounded firmly in history and science. Ori’s genius is not only to reveal the secret behind the Roman and Greek warrior’s astonishing prowess, but to demonstrate how we can replicate that prowess in modern times.

In The Warrior Diet, Ori teaches us how to trigger the “Warrior Instinct” – so we hunger for life. Ori teaches us to prowl by day – always ready “to pounce and seize.” And Ori teaches us to kick back and compensate at night – relaxing, taking pleasure, enjoying our fruits. The miraculous result? A leaner, more muscular body, an enhanced sexual drive, a sharper mind and a healthier, better-looking body.

These are indeed big claims, but the author himself is a living testament to the power of his method. Ori lives his diet – and has the body, mind and energy to prove it. The man is a dynamo. His book is the product of many years of hard research and harder living. It is a wake-up call to all of us who have become tired, confused or disenchanted by the way we eat or live our lives. The Warrior Diet is about maximal engagement in the pleasures of raw living.

You can see I’m excited. This is the reason I’m in publishing – to find and bring you a vision like the Warrior Diet. It’s my delight to offer you a book that can genuinely change your life for the better. Such books are few and far between. My suggestion: do the Warrior Diet for six months. And watch what happens to your body as well as every other area of your life. Ori will be the first to tell you to experiment. Your mind and body will know what works for you and what doesn’t. Once you try the Warrior Diet, I believe you’ll find it not only highly effective but also highly enjoyable. Better yet, the Warrior Diet offers what no other diet does – a sense of freedom, of release, of being in touch with life as it was meant to be lived. What more can you ask for?

Praise for the Warrior Diet

First For Women Magazine,
December, 2002

“Nothing tugs at your purse strings like the promise of a fat-burning miracle, but let’s face it: the weight-loss industry is $35 billion fat, and sometimes it seems that the only thing getting thinner is our wallets. Well, we’ve had it. We’ve spent the entire year searching, researching, tasting and testing so you don’t have to waste precious time or money. We’re so convinced that we’ve found 2002’s 25 best (the fastest, easiest, cheapest and most effective) get-fit solutions, that we are awarding them a prize…FIRST’S first annual Slimmys for weight-loss excellence. When it comes to diets, we weed the godsends from the gimmicks and give you the very best every issue. But our pick for best of the best? The Slimmy goes to…The Warrior Diet.”

Woman’s World,
November, 2002

“Women everywhere are raving about the super-effective “warrior” diet – eating lightly during the day, feasting after dark and losing weight at record speeds.”

Midwest Book Review

“An original, distinctive, and highly satisfying diet plan, The Warrior Diet is meant especially for those who pursue an active lifestyle.”

DC Maxwell,
2-time Women’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Co-Owner,Maxercise Sports/Fitness Training Center and Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy East

“In my quest for a lean, muscular body, I have seen practically every diet and suffered through most of them. It is also my business to help others with their fat loss programs. I am supremely skeptical of any eating plan or “diet” book that can’t tell me how and why it works in simple language. Ori Hofmekler’s The Warrior Diet does just this, with a logical, readable approach that provides grounding for his claims and never asks the reader to take a leap of faith. The Warrior Diet can be a very valuable weapon in the personal arsenal of any woman.”

Pavel Tsatsouline
Author of Power to the People! and The Russian Kettlebell Challenge

“I refuse to graze all day, I have better things to do. I choose The Warrior Diet.”

John Davies
Olympic and professional sports strength/speed coach

“In a era of decadence, where wants and desires are virtually limitless, Ori’s vision recalls an age of warriors, where success meant survival and survival was the only option. A diet of the utmost challenge from which users will reap tremendous benefits.”

Carlon M. Colker, M.D., F.A.C.N.
Author of The Greenwich Diet, CEO and Medical Director, Peak Wellness, Inc.

“The credo that has served me well in my life and that which I tell my patients is that I only take advice from those who practice what they preach. To me, there is nothing more pathetic and laughable than to see the terrible physical condition of many of the self-proclaimed diet and fitness experts of today. Those hypocrites who do not live by their own words are not worth your time, or mine. At the other extreme, Ori Hofmekler is the living, breathing example of a warrior. There is real strength in the sinews of his muscle. There is wisdom and power in his words. His passion for living honestly is intense and reflective of the toil of a tough army life. Yet in a fascinating and true Spartan way, his physical nature is tempered by an equal reveling in the love of art, knowledge of the classic poets, and in the drinking of fine wine with good conversation. Welcome The Warrior Diet into your life and you usher in the honest and real values of a man who has truly walked the walk. He has treaded the dirt of the path that lay before you, and is thus a formidable guide to a new beginning. He is your shepherd of integrity that will lead you out of the bondage of misinformation. His approach is what I call “revolutionarily de-evolutionary”. In other words, your freedom from excess body fat, flat energy levels, and poor physical performance begins with unlearning the modern ways, which have failed you, and forging a new understanding steeped in the secret traditions of the ancient Roman warrior.”

Charles Poliquin
Author of The Poliquin Principles and Modern Trends in Strength Training,
Three-Time Olympic Strength Coach

“The Warrior Diet certainly defies so-called modern nutritional and training dogmas. Having met Ori on several occasions, I can certainly attest that he is the living proof that his system works. He maintains a ripped muscular body year round despite juggling extreme workloads and family life. His take on supplementation is refreshing as he promotes an integrated and timed approach. The Warrior Diet is a must read for the nutrition and training enthusiast who wishes to expand his horizons.”

Pilar Gerasimo
Editor in Chief, Experience Life Magazine

“Ori Hofmekler has his finger on a deep, ancient and very visceral pulse – one that too many of us have all but forgotten. Part warrior-athlete, part philosopher romantic, Ori not only reminds us what this innate, instinctive rhythm is all about, he also shows us how to detect and rekindle it in our own bodies. His program challenges and guides each of us to fully reclaim for ourselves the strength, sinew, energy and spirit that humans have always been meant to possess.”

Stephen Maxwell, MS
2-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Co-Owner,
Maxercise Sports/Fitness Training Center and Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy Eas

“I think of myself as a modern-day warrior; businessman, family man and competitive athlete. In the 2 years that I have been following The Warrior Diet, I have enjoyed the predators’ advantage of freedom from the necessity of frequent feedings. I also benefit from the competitive edge of being a fat burning machine. My 12-yearold son, who is also a competitive athlete, has naturally gravitated towards The Warrior Diet. He is growing up lean, strong and healthy, unlike many of his peers, many of whom, even in this land of plenty, are overweight and frequently sick. Thank you, Ori, for writing The Warrior Diet.”

Sifu John R. Salgado
World Champion, Chinese Wrestling and Taiji Push Hands

“At a certain age, I began to notice a change in my pre-competition training. The intense physical stress I put my body under started to leave me feeling burnt out after my workouts. I also suffered from frequent sugar crashes due to my Hypoglycemia. I would become irritated, light-headed and physically weak. I often became angry after training and I could not explain why. I was having a difficult time trying to figure out what and when to eat. This became a serious problem. Competing on an international level, proper diet and training are the bare necessities for peak performance. After meeting Ori he advised me on what and when to eat. Once I modified my diet my energy levels changed immediately. I was able to work harder through out my workouts. I no longer felt total fatigue after training. Ori and I are of one mind when it comes to functional training. In Martial Arts you must train every aspect of movement in order to perform well. Ori’s advice had a direct effect on the way I trained for my two international titles this year. The information in The Warrior Diet will help you achieve the next level in training for the 21st century. It is the physical training along with the diet that will make a lasting impact on your life. I am deeply grateful for Ori’s advice and the friendship we have established over the years.”

Brian Batcheldor
Science writer/researcher, National Coach, British Powerlifting Team

“Despite its name, The Warrior Diet isn’t about leading a Spartan lifestyle, although it is about improving quality of life. With a uniquely compelling approach, the book guides you towards the body you want by re-awakening primal instinct and biofeedback the things that have allowed us to evolve this far.

“Ironically, in a comfortable world of overindulgence, your survival may still be determined by natural selection. If this is the case, The Warrior Diet will be the only tool you’ll need.”

Laura Moore
Science writer, Penthouse Magazine, IronMan Magazine, Body of the Month for IronMan,