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Paleo Warrior

Paleo Diet VS Warrior Diet


These two popular often debated diets base themselves off the “ancestral diet” theory, albeit with notable differences in vision and practice. Whereas the Paleo Diet reaches back to the late Paleolithic period embracing the caveman diet, the Warrior Diet regimen has its roots in the era of the great Spartans, Romans and Macedonians, embracing their diet principles along with cutting edge science in its nutrition manuals.

These two radical approaches to dieting are often the subject of discussion and debate among scholars, athletes and the health advocates. World champion MMA fighter Ronda Rousey admits to adhering to a combination of the Warrior Diet and the Paleo Diet to keep her body in fighting shape. And while she is not the first to notice similarities between the two, it’s important to acknowledge their differences as well.

As these two approaches comply as much as they do, how do you know which is what?

Warrior Diet

Paleo Diet

Misson Guiding people how to embrace diet principles of ancient warrior societies for better survival in today’s world. Guiding people how to follow a caveman diet and benefit from eating pre-agricultural foods.
Vision Using intermittent fasting along with cutting edge nutrition science to trigger mechanisms that extend human health and lifespan. Using the late Paleolithic man as a primal model of health, the diet’s food list is based on what’s speculated to have constituted the original caveman diet.
Separation Between Carb Days and Fat Days Recommended. Not recommended.
Legumes and Dairy consumption Includes legumes and dairy in its nutrition manuals. Excludes legumes and dairy (except for whey protein and butter) from its nutrition manuals
Sugar Excludes all added sugars. Allows honey.
Grains Does not recommend wheat and refined grains Does not recommend grains.
Sweet Potato Allowed in carb days only. Recommended in any day.
Raw Meat Does not endorse raw meat as staple food. Endorses raw meat as staple food.
Intermittent Fasting Mandatory. Recommended; Not mandatory.
Food Combining Mandatory. Not mandatory.
Butter Added to Coffee Not recommended. Recommended
Calorie burning from exercise Does not regard counting calorie burning from exercise a crucial factor of fitness. Recommends burning 1000 calories daily via exercise.
Exercise Protocol Controlled Fatigue Training CFT
Survival conditioning
Fitness conditioning
Pre Workout Meal Does not recommend pre-workout meal Recommends Pre-Workout meal
Beer drinking Does not recommended due to beer’s inherent estrogen activity. Recommended
Veganism Can fit a Vegan lifestyle Cannot fit a vegan lifestyle



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