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Organic Warrior Whey® - Organic Pasture Raised, Grass-Fed ImmunoWhey™
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Defense Nutrition’s Organic Warrior Whey® is a remarkably delicious, non-denatured whole protein – a great fit for health advocates, athletes, dieters, and diabetics. It is made from organic raw milk of pasture raised cows, containing all naturally occurring immune factors and nutrients intact, as naturally designed to support the immune system, boost energy, nourish the muscle, promote recovery, and help counteract the aging.

Your health and physical state are constantly challenged by the wear and tear of daily stressors, long lasting working hours, lack of rest and insufficient nutritional intake. Add to this the accumulating effects of environmental pollutants, industrial toxins, and radioactive fallout, and your body can only take so much…

Organic Warrior Whey® by Defense Nutrition is a unique whey protein naturally designed to help your body cope with daily stressors, remove toxins, reduce inflammation, repair damaged cells, and recover muscle tissues.

Organic Warrior Whey® has been tested for protein integrity, demonstrating all immune factors,amino acids,and peptides intact. Specially sourced from organic raw milk of pasture raised cows, it has unmatched nutritional capacity to nourish and keep your body in a prime state of health.

Defense Nutrition’s organic whey protein products are made with the finest non-denatured, non-acid, cold processed whey protein concentrate from raw milk of pasture raised cows raised by small family farms. The products are guaranteed pesticide free, chemical free, GMO free and rBGH free, yielding the highest biological value.

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  • Derived from organic raw milk of pasture raised cows to yield the world’s purest non-denatured whey protein.
  • Made with Organic Immunowhey™- Contains all naturally occurring immune factors.
  • Contains all fragile amino acids and peptides intact.
  • Free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, GMO, BSE, &rBGH
  • Free of soy
  • High in muscle building BCAA, and Leucine.
  • Highest protein utilization efficiency.
  • Highest biological value.
  • Fast nutrient delivery.
  • Safe for diabetics and dieters.
  • Certified Kosher
  • Mind blowing creamy awesome taste (you’d swear it doesn’t even taste like whey…)
Made From Raw Milk Made From Pasteurize Milk
Low heat processed High heat processed
Soy FREE Contains Soy – Instantized with Soy Lecithin
Tested to contain ALL beneficial whey micro nutrients — intact Not tested for micronutrients
Tested for highest naturally occuring immune factors Not tested for immune factors
Retains Max Biological Value Questionable Biological Value
Freshly Sourced Often Not Freshly Sourced
Delicious, Natural, Sweet Creamy Taste Typical Acid After Taste

1. Certified Pasture Raised Cows’ Whey Protein Concentrate

Formulated For Complete Muscle Nourishment And Immuno Support

Defense Nutrition Organic Warrior Whey™ constitutes the finest non-denatured pasture raised cows’ whey protein with all immune supportive nutrients intact and highest biological value. Free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, GMO, soy, gluten, fructose, and sugar alcohols, it perfectly accommodates the muscle’s and body’s metabolic needs.

2. Provides Missing Amino Acids

Provides All Essential And Conditionally Essential Amino Acids

The protein profile in Organic Warrior Whey® is pound-for-pound more impressive than any other single protein food. It provides all key essential amino acids including the muscle building glutamic acid, branch-chain amino acids, leucine, and cysteine – which play key roles in energy production, immune support and muscular development. Organic Warrior Whey® is an exclusive source of cysteine (glutamylcysteine), which is missing in the typical diet and yet required by the body for vital metabolic and immune functions.

3 . Contains The Highest Naturally Occuring Immune Factors

Rich Source of Bioactive Glutathione Precursors

Defense Nutrition Organic Warrior Whey™ is made with Organic ImmunoWhey™. is made with Organic ImmunoWhey™. It has been tested to contain all naturally occurring immune factors intact, including serum albumin, immunoglobulins, alpha lactoglobulins, beta lactoglobulins, glucomacropeptides, glutamylcysteine and lactoferrin – virtually the same immune compounds that are found in human breast milk, responsible for providing the newborn with immune defenses against infections and disease. The immunological properties of pasture raised cows’ whey protein such as in Organic ImmunoWhey™ have been widely documented – proving to benefit humans of all ages, particularly people under increased metabolic stress such as athletes, people after injury, and the elderly.

4. Fast Nutrient Delivery

IIdeal For Muscle Recovery And Buildup

One of the most important qualities of Defense Nutrition Organic Warrior Whey™ is its fast nutrient delivery. For the purpose of muscle recovery, the capacity to digest, assimilate and deliver nutrients to the muscle is of utmost importance. The more bioavailable a protein food is, the fastest it will nourish the muscle and shift it from a catabolic to an anabolic state during the four hours window of opportunity after exercise.

5. Taste, Taste, Taste

Best Taste Ever, Curbs Sweet Cravings, Helps Manage Weight.

Defense Nutrition’s Organic Warrior Whey® is a unique wholesome protein with a remarkable delicious creamy taste and unmatched nutritional value. It is inherently designed to promote satiety peptides such as CCK and GLP-1, which are known to enhance satiety, promote insulin sensitivity and support weight loss. This nourishing effect yields a great sense of pleasure, curb cravings for sweets, and help manage weight.

6.  Low Glycemic

Naturally Supports Healthy Insulin

Organic Warrior Whey® is naturally sweetened with no sugar added, no sugar alcohol, no fructose, no artificial sweeteners and made with a specially modified water soluble fiber that has a glycemic balancing effect and pre-biotic properties. Being low glycemic, it is the best tasting all natural protein available for carb sensitive individuals.

Start with two scoops (40g) of Defense Nutrition’s Organic Warrior Whey powder, add water or milk and mix until desired consistency (shake or pudding). May be taken two to three times daily.

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