The Best All-Natural Multi-Vitamin Available…Period

Defense Nutrition’s vitamin supplements are made with only the finest plant based, naturally occurring ingredients. The vitamin formulas are certified by the Naturally Occurring Group Standards NOGS.

Defense Nutrition’s Plant Based Multi-Vitamins & Minerals $29.95 (30 days supply) All the essential nutrient support you need for only $1 a day

Defense Nutrition’s 100% Natural Plant Based MULTI-VITAMINS & MINERALS

Naturally Occurring Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants Formula FREE of synthetic additives, yeast and bacterial byproducts.

Defense Nutrition’s Plant Based Multi-Vitamins & Minerals formula provides 100% natural plant based vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in their naturally-occurring, most bioactive form, to support the body’s metabolic demand for essential micronutrients andenhance its defenses against oxidative stress.

Best healthy alternative to synthetic vitamins
There is accumulating evidence that the human body has not been programmed forsynthetic supplements. Recent reports have shown that synthetic vitamin supplementsare received by the body as drug substances, causing potential side effects includingimpairment in muscle contractibility, disruption in mitochondrial function andsuppression of muscle adaptability to exercise. It has been speculated that a largeintake of synthetic antioxidants such as vitamin E and C overwhelm the cell’s naturaloxidative threshold and thus impair cellular and tissue functions. Optimum low levelsof oxidative free radicals are needed to keep the body’s antioxidant system “tuned”. Synthetic antioxidant supplements have shown to overwhelm and disrupt the cell’sinnate antioxidant system, causing impairments in energy utilization and loss offunction.

Defense Nutrition’s Plant Based Multi-Vitamins & Minerals fills a void in today’smarketplace, it is by all means the best healthy alternative to synthetic vitaminsproducts as well as products made with a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients.The formula’s plant-based nutrients are assimilated as whole food, they’re easilyutilized by the body with no side effects.
Superior to other natural yeast-based vitamin supplements
Unlike other natural vitamin products that contain yeast or bacterial byproducts,Defense Nutrition’s Plant Based Multi-Vitamins & Minerals is 100% YEAST-FREE andcontains no bacterial byproducts. Yeast is a most potent allergen, known for itspotential adverse effects on humans. There have been serious concerns regarding thesafety of yeast-derived vitamins, particularly for individuals who are yeast sensitive.Biotech technology has been used today to artificially force feed yeast or otherbacteria with synthetic vitamins to yield a so-called natural vitamin supplement, whichis actually a bacterial byproduct that was never part of the human diet and thereforeshould NOT be treated as a natural, whole food based product.
Complete nourishment with Super-Food derived micronutrients
Defense Nutrition’s Plant Based Multi-Vitamins & Minerals formula provides the bodywith Super-Food’s micronutrients yielding the highest potencies of naturally occurringvitamins, minerals and antioxidants together with their nutritional cofactors for FAST,COMPLETE nourishment. The formula’s ingredients include extracts of stabilized rice germ, Alma berries, carrot seeds, celery seeds, arjuna, dulse, asphaltum gum(shilajit), pine’s pycnogenol, and grape’s resveratrol.
Defense Nutrition’s Multi-Vitamins & Minerals formula contains only 100% naturallyoccurring plant extracts and do NOT contain any synthetic compounds or any“manipulated”, lab-processed ingredients.
Recommended use
Take 4 capsules daily with beverage on an empty stomach or as directed by your qualified health practitioner.

Stabilized rice germ – the core embryo of the wheat kernel, known for its high content of vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols), B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and pyridoxine, minerals and trace minerals and beneficialphytonutrients including octacosanol and physterols. Rice germ’s dense nutrient profile earns its reputation as a natural healthpromoting superfood with great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, metabolic supportive and energizing properties. Rice germ shouldbe consumed fresh or in a stabilized, dried form. De-fatted rice germ is missing all original fat soluble nutrients and therefore hasan inferior nutritional value.

Amla berries (emblica officinalis) – highest score of naturally occurring vitamin C complex among all edible fruits in the world.Used as a traditional food and medicinal herb, Amla berries gooseberries are notable for their potent antioxidant, antibacterial,antifungal properties. Amla berries’ vitamin C occurs naturally with cofactors bioflavonoids hesperidin, rutin and quercetin, as well asellagi acid and tannins, which all together contribute to its highest bioactivity and great health benefits as a natural immunorestorative, anti-cancerous aid.

Spinach (spinacia oleracea) – a flowering plant native to central and southwestern Asia, known as an excellent natural source ofvitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, B vitamins, and to a lesser degree iron, calcium and copper. The spinach herb is cultivated fromolder Asian varieties which tend to be more nutrient-dense with a stronger, bitter taste than the modern conventional Westernvarieties.

Arjuna (terminalia arjuna)- widely used by Ayurvedic physicians for its healing properties, it is known for its cardio-protective, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties. Arjuna is rich in antioxidant flavonoids and proanthocyanidins but mostly is known for its high mineral content of bioavailable calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, chromium and molybdenum.

Carrot seeds (daucus carota) – highest plant based source of vitamin A carotene complex, traditionally used as a medicinal herb totreat and rejuvenate the skin. By virtue of its potent antioxidant, cleansing properties, carrot seeds have been used as a detoxifyingagent to help stimulate internal organs’ cleansing.

Celery seeds (apium graveolens) – traditionally used to enhance kidney function, relieve water retention, treat arthritis and gout,reduce muscle spasms, calm nerves and decrease inflammation. Animal studies indicate that celery seeds help lower blood pressureand cholesterol, as well as protect the liver from the damaging effects of chemical drugs. Celery seeds are rich in antioxidantflavonoids, blood-thinning coumarins and hormonal supportive phytonutrients.

Dulse (palmaria palmata) – sea algae known for its high content of bioactive B vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, dulse hasbeen traditionally used for culinary and nutritional enhancing purposes.

Pycnogenol (pinus pinaster) – pine bark extract of the French maritime pine, pycnogenol primarily contains high concentrations of the antioxidant oligomeric proanthocyanidins (ORCs) as well as bioflavonoids catechins, epicatechins, phenolic fruit acids (ferulic acid and caffeic acid) and toxifolin. Pycnogenol has been used to help improve conditions including asthma, diabetes, edema, gingival bleeding, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraines and prevention of blood clots during long distance airplane flights.

Resveratrol – a self-protective compound, produced by certain plans to defend against harmful pathogens bacteria or fungi. A constituent of red wine, found in red grapes’ skin and mulberries, resveratrol has been reported to induce anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous, blood sugar lowering and life extending effects in animal studies. It has been speculated that resveratrol’s main mechanism of action is the activation of genes that improve mitochondrial function and extend life span. Recent studies on animals indicate that resveratrol has brain protective properties, apparently by reducing plaque formation in the hypothalamus, striatum andmedial cortex sections of the brain. It has been theorized that in humans, oral doses of resveratrol can potentially offer protectionagainst radiation exposure.

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