Defense Nutrition’s

Natural Vitamin C From AMLA BERRIES

100% natural vitamin C complex, nothing synthetic, no unripe fruits’ byproducts

Defense Nutrition’s Vitamin C from Amla Berries contains 100% plant based vitamin C and cofactors as naturally occur in FULLY RIPENED Amla berries, with NO added ascorbic acid, ester C or other synthetic forms of vitamin C. Amla berries contain the highest known naturally occurring vitamin C potency of all traditionally used fruits in the world.

Best Natural Alternative to Synthetic Vitamin C

Natural vitamin C is required for protecting cells and tissues from oxidative free radicals. Vitamin C also plays important roles in collagen formation, brain neurotransmitters production, and adrenal function. In its natural form, the water-soluble antioxidant vitamin C is inherently attached to its nutritional cofactors, which all together work with the fat soluble antioxidant vitamins E and A/carotenes to protect cellular proteins, lipids and DNA from oxidative damage. Oxidative damage has been regarded as the main cause of tissue degradation and aging. Unlike synthetic vitamin C, which is devoid of nutritional cofactors, and has shown to cause undesirable side effects, Vitamin C from Amla Berries is a natural complex of vitamin C and cofactors, received by the body as whole food and causes no adverse side effects.

Superior to Other Natural Vitamin C Supplements

Unlike other natural vitamin C products which are made from unripe, immature, hard to digest fruits or contain isolated, acid vitamin C, devoid of its natural cofactors or artificially fortified with cofactors that did not naturally occur in the plant, Defense Nutrition’s Vitamin C is made from FULLY RIPENED Amla berries, yielding vitamin C with all its original nutritional cofactors intact, in their most biologically mature, edible form.

Max antioxidant defense with anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous properties

Amla C is a complex vitamin, naturally occurring with a most impressive profile of bioflavonoids and cofactors including hesperidin, rutin, quercitin, ellagic acid and tannins, all of which have shown to potentiate vitamin C actions, while inducing their own antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous impacts on the body.

As a reference, the concentration of vitamin C in Amla berries is about 130 times higher than vitamin C in apples, yielding roughly 1300% more antioxidant activity.

Free of chemical additives, naturally hypoallergenic

Defense Nutrition’s Vitamin C is made from fresh Amla berries, cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is naturally hypoallergenic.


Defense Nutrition’s Vitamin C from Amla C is naturally alkalizing with a digestive friendly pH balance. Amla Berries Vitamin C has shown to work as a natural digestive tract healing aid in people who suffer from digestive disorders.

Naturally Support Adrenal Functions

The adrenals have the highest biological concentration of vitamin C in the body. It has been speculated that vitamin C plays an important role in supporting adrenal functions and protecting against adrenal decline in times of intense stress. A high intake of fruits and vegetables combined with Amla’s Vitamin C supplementation is an effective way to naturally enhance resistance to stress and potentially prevent adrenal exhaustion.

This is why Defense Nutrition’s Vitamin C is superior to others:

Other vitamin C products Defense Nutrition’s Vitamin C from Amla Berries
  Synthetically produced or derived from unripe, inedible fruits   100% natural from fully ripened Amla berries
  Nutritional cofactors are missing or added artificially    All nutritional cofactors are intact as naturally occurring in the plant
  Acidifying or buffered artificially, often hard on the stomach    Naturally alkalizing, digestive friendly
  Potentially adverse side effects in large doses   No adverse side effects at any amount
  Reported risks for muscular impairments and kidney stones   Supports muscle sustainability and performance, kidney friendly

Recommended Use

Take 2 tablets on an empty stomach, preferably two to three times daily. In special conditions, take six times daily or as directed by your qualified health practitioner.