Is today’s average male losing his virility?

Statistically, today’s average adult male has been losing 1% of his virility every year. Recent reports indicated that men have lost 20% of their testosterone and sperm count in merely one generation. Over 30 million American men are currently impotent and many more are suffering from acute sexual malperformance. The current popularity of Viagra and equivalent potency pills just bears proof that a large part of our male society can no longer perform naturally.

What’s behind the current epidemic of male sexual dysfunction?

There are many factors that have been shattering men’s virility including bad diets, alcoholism, drug abuse, stress and aging. Nonetheless, there is accumulating evidence that the main culprit for the current epidemic of male impotence and sexual dysfunction are actually common pollutants in the air, food, water and household products. Known as endocrine disrupting substances, these are largely industrial petrochemicals, structured similar to the female hormone estrogen – pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, detergents and plastic residues – capable of binding to cellular receptors in the brain, testicles and prostate, disrupting the body’s hormonal balance with feminizing, shattering effects on a person’s libido, virility and state of health.

The consequences:

Loss of testosterone, loss of dopamine, excess of estrogen, loss of brain synchronization (due to impairments in dopamine secretion), a declining libido, acute or chronic impotence, enlarged prostate, a weakened immune system, loss of physical strength, undesirable fat gain in the belly and chest areas, accelerated aging.

Dopamine and Testosterone

Keeping optimum levels of the brain’s hormone dopamine is imperative for maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Low levels of dopamine are associated with low levels of testosterone and increased levels of the female lactating hormone prolactin, which antagonizes manhood, inducing devastating, emasculating effects on the body.

Virilman is designed to naturally help prevent male hormonal decline, support healthy levels of dopamine and testosterone for sustaining strong libido and vigorous sexual potency.

As my training was progressing I realized I needed to do more to reach the weight I wanted to be. As I trained with Coach Jim Massaro, I had watched him loose over forty pounds and heard him speak about the Warrior Diet and Ori Hofmekler I decided to learn more about it , I went out and bought the book, it was a easy read full of incredible information on how I can reach my goals and change my life. I taught the timing was wrong because I was going to start during the holiday season, but after finishing the three week weight loss program I was down 11 lbs. and my energy was through the roof. Now I was right in the middle of the holiday season with all the parties and events planned I was a little nervous but I had realize that I had learned that with the right combination of foods and with the addition of the Controlled Fatigue Training (CFT) this would not be an issue. I was able to knock off another 4 lbs. I enjoy the holiday season like never before.

Thanks Ori for answering all my nutrition and fitness needs I feel I am in the best shape of my life.

Carolyn Izzo-Feldman

About 6 months ago I switched my protein to Warrior Whey™, having it in the morning and after workouts and it has had amazing effects on me. I am down to about 6% body fat again, weigh 208 lbs., and am stronger than I have ever been in my life. My hemoglobin A1C is around 7 and I am taking less insulin than I was before using Warrior Whey™ and am still able to maintain my blood sugar. I still take Lantus at night, but my Novolog is down to 1 or 2 shots a day and I am still able to maintain weight and strength due to the new protein! I will continue working with Ori and his products to improve my situation to be healthy on the inside and out. Obviously being insulin free would be ideal, but withthe help of Warrior Whey™, I have definitely made the best of the situation I am in!

Joshua Woodward

Warrior Whey™ is groundbreaking in its nutritional appeal, taste and impact. For the purpose of muscular development -- it has NO equal.

Marty Gallagher
Former Champion Olympic Powerlifting Team Coach
Author of "The Purposeful Primitive"

Proven effective potency promoting ingredients

Mucuna pruriens (seed extract) – known for its proven dopamine boosting effects,mucuna seeds have long been used in traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine for strengthening libido and treating diseases including Parkinson’s. Mucuna pruriens is recognized as an aphrodisiac and has been shown to increase testosterone level, increase protein deposit in the muscle and boost physical strength. The seed extract, which contains naturally occurring dopamine, is also known to enhance mental alertness and improve cognitive functions.

Tribulus Terrestris (fruit extract) – used traditionally by Chinese medicine to support liver and kidneys cleansing, Tribulus Terrestris is most notable for its testosterone promoting, muscle toning properties. Derived from a fruit bearing plant, the herbal extract contains alkaloids, steroidal saponins, plant androgens and flavonoids. Tribulus Terrestris has been applied to promote potency and libido and has been used by body builders and athletes to help build muscle mass and strength. Studies have shown positive results in boosting testosterone, apparently via compounds that increase lutenizing hormone (LH) in the body.

Ashwagandha (root) – called the ‘ginseng’ of Ayurvedic medicine, Ashwagandha is an adaptogen herb known for its energy-boosting, performance enhancing and immuno strengthening properties. Ashwagandha has also shown to have a mild sedative effect on the central nervous system and work as a natural muscle relaxant. The root extract has been widely used to restore male libido, cure impotence and increase fertility. Preliminary studies indicate that the Ashwagandha herb helps counteract stress symptoms, treat anxiety and insomnia, inhibit tumor growth, lower cholesterol and most notably, enhance sexual performance. Studies indicate that extracts of the plant have a direct spermatogenic influence in animals, presumably by exerting an androgenic-like effect. It has been speculated that the herb may also posses potent antioxidant, neuro-protective and anti-aging properties.

The TRINITY mucuna, Tribulus Terrestris and ashwagandha, earned the reputation as the most powerful herbal blend for naturally enhancing libido, boosting potency and strengthening the body.

Potential benefits

Recommended use

Adults take 3 capsules twice daily. For special programs, take 3 servings daily, or as directed by your qualified health practitioner.

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Ori Hofmekler is a modern renaissance man whose formative military experience prompted a life interest in survival science. A graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he received a degree in Human Science, he is a world-renowned artist whose political satire artwork has been featured in books and magazines worldwide.

As editor-in-chief of Mind and Muscle Power magazine, Hofmekler introduced his diet approach to the public to immediate acclaim from readers and professionals. His best seller Warrior Diet book was first published in 2002 followed by a new revised edition published by North Atlantic Books in 2007. In 2005, Hofmekler authored the highly acclaimed Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat / The Secret Science Behind Physical Transformation followed by 2nd edition in 2007. Hofmekler’s 2006 book, The Anti-Estrogenic Diet, offers natural dietary strategies against hormonal-disrupting chemicals in our food and environment. His upcoming book Unlocking Your Muscle Gene / Trigger the Biological Mechanism that Transforms Your Body and Extends Your Life, will be published this fall by North Atlantic Books.

His Take No Prisoners newsletter exposes fallacies in the areas of diet and fitness. It presents the true principles of human survival and how to put them in practice in today’s world.

Ori Hofmekler
The Warrior Diet
The Anti-Estrogenic Diet
Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat
The Stubborn Fat Solution

Natural Male Potency Formula

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Virilman contains a proprietary blend of the three most formidable potency promoting herbs Mucuna Pruriens, aswaganda and tribulus terrestris. Known as the TRINITY, this particular blend has been traditionally used to enhance virility via a combined synergenic effect on the body.

Success Stories

I've got to hand it to you and your crew for consistently improving the Warrior Whey™. When you incorporated Fibersol, I was a bit worried but it still tasted great. The latest batch I received (Cow Label) is FANTASTIC!

I've been in the supplement industry for years and have access to hundreds of brands, but I'll keep coming back for Warrior Whey™ because of the unparalleled quality and taste.

Geoff Else

Finally, it's rare nowadays to find any business whose customers health and well being are truly a main focus. I am confident that the primary aim of the Warrior Diet Company is the health of its customers, and that translates to loyal customers. Thank you again for the incredible supplements, diet program, and unparalleled customer service.


I read your book when I was doing research for a fitness challenge I started in January. I was doing a fitness challenge on a bet with my sis that I could get ripped like the guys in the 300 movie. I think I won.

I stayed the same weight (~160, 5'10") but lost 2 inches on my waist (crazy for a skinny guy). I haven't measured my fat percentage yet. It was ~8% last december. The challenge started Dec 31st and Ended April 20th. 4 months.

Well, I thank you for writing clearly and simply. I was lost on so many different methods for zone, paleo, fasting, gaining mass, losing fat. Your book opened my eyes to the dangers of estrogenic foods and the benefits of fasting.

Click the photo to enlarge.

I owe so much to Ori and the Warrior way. I was once a lost suffering sole and now have found the path to mental and physical enlightenment. When I'm out, I look around and see these fat suffering people. They remind me so much of who I was. Medicating with alcohol to have a good time and forget. I watch them eat food that is killing them and shake my head. I see these people trapped in bodies that can not perform even simple function. They think there happy. They don't know any better...

Click the photo to enlarge.

I've been on the diet since early March of 2002. Everyone's like, 'You're still doing it?' and I'm like, 'You bet!' I absolutely plan to stick with the Warrior Diet. It's a lifestyle for me now."

Tastes have improved; a world of tastes that wasn't there before has opened up for me. I have an appreciation for the wide variety of foods and their colors and textures. And as an artist, this sensitivity is invaluable, because it's that kind of specificity for things that really inspires me.

Michael Goldstrom
"The Sopranos" & "Law & Order:SVU"

The result within six months I had lost 70lbs! I feel great! I am never tired and feel like a real person again. I will never go back eating multiple meals a day or loading my body with estrogenic foods and chemicals again.

Ori is for real. He is the one person willing to "tell it how it is". If you are interested in losing weight or just improving your health read Ori's books before you start any program. You wont be disappointed.

Thanks, Mark
Scranton, PA

I just completed a 50 mile endurance run. I have been on the warrior diet for about 5 months. the diet is perfect preparation for the run where undereating is a necessity for about 12 hours straight. I never got hungry during the run, my stomach was never upset and i finished the run feeling very good and healthy. thanks!!!! I would love to advertise your product on my next run. I believe in your diet strongly. the whole of the running community doesn`t know how to eat. they think they need to eat low fat high carbs all the time. i think my higher fat diet was one of the keys to finishing successfully. I want to have your name on my shirt next time i enter one of these races!!!!!! These people don`t know what they`re missing!!!!

Jake Buchanan

The first week I lost 26 pounds! The second week I lost 9 pounds! I'm in the 3rd week now.

In the first 2 weeks I lost inches too!

I lost 4 inches from my bust.
I lost 6 inches from my tummy.
I lost 8 inches from my waist! (WOW)
I lost 4.5 inches from my hips.
I lost 3.5 inches from my thigh.
I lost 3 inches from my calf!
I lost 2 inches from my upper arm.
I lost 1.5 inch from my wrist.
I lost 1/2 inch from my neck.

I'm taking all of your supplements that you suggested. When I lose all of this weight, I'll have a really good testimonial for your diet! I want to encourage and inspire other people who are as badly overweight as I am, and to show them that they can be set free from the extra weight! If you need someone to test drive any of your new supplements, I'd gladly volunteer!

God Bless!
Lynda Denson
Diamond in the Rough

It has been about six months now since I started following the Warrior Diet eating system and i have never felt better. I have eaten pretty much the exact same thing as i used to, as it was mostly aligned with the principles the book outlines, the only factors i have changed are when i eat and i have now lost around 15 Lbs which was definitely stubborn fat, from around the abdominal and thighs, most of which i dropped in the first two months of following the system. I have since gained muscle, i don't know how much specifically, feeling so lean i don't bother weighing anymore.

After having such success with the system and enjoying the book immensely, I had to come and add a testimonial, its not something i would normally do yet this really has changed everything for more, all for the better. thank you so much!

Ryan W.
Perth, Australia

Hi Ori,

... I have been overweight my entire life, I have always been thick and muscular underneath my fat which is a positive I suppose if I could ever peel the layers of fat off my body...

After about 8 weeks on the Warrior diet combined with kettlebell training I have lost 25lbs and I am thrilled. I must admit that I was very skeptical of the warrior diet concept and expected to feel weak and exhausted all day long. Man was I wrong, luckily I was off work so I was able to prepare all the foods and vegetables and things I would need for the diet in the the first few weeks. I bought a juicer and I absolutely love drinking fresh juice every day for "breakfast" and before my salad in the evening main meal (everything organic of course). My wife is absolutely thrilled about my HUGE increase in energy. From the very first week I have been helping her around the house way more, doing laundry, dishes, and helping her keep the house in order. All things I used to dread and argue with her about I don't even mind doing at all, it is so strange sometimes I can't even believe it...

Thank you for all that you do, sorry this email is way longer than I intended. Just want you to know that I am spreading the warrior diet word as far as I can. This is the only diet I have ever tried that I honestly believe I will never stop I've seen so many benefits in just 8 weeks it's incredible...


Matt Klein