Thyrolyn / Metabolic Balancing Formula

For a lean, healthy body

The thyroid hormone plays a key role in regulating energy utilization, body heat and body weight. It also works as a catalyst in hormonal actions and muscle buildup. Our diet contains numerous thyroid inhibiting substances, these include natural compounds in legumes, cruciferous vegetables, parsnips and nuts as well as chemical residues, pesticides and plastics that all together disrupt iodine uptake by the thyroid gland, causing hypothyroidism and other thyroid disorders.

Thyrolyn is designed to naturally support thyroid health and help counteract the effects of common thyroid inhibiting substances in the food
                                        and environment, for allowing optimal thyroid activity in the body.

Proven thyroid enhancing properties

Thyrolyn is made with a potent blend of plant extracts and cofactors with a proven capacity to BALANCE and ENHANCE thyroid hormone activity and enhance the body’s metabolism. The formula’s main ingredient, guggulsterone Z, has shown to induce thyroid stimulating activity, promoting increased iodine uptake and increased production of thyroid hormones.

Proven cholesterol lowering properties

Both guggulsterones E and Z have shown to have lipid lowering effects. These herbal extracts have a proven record in helping decrease elevated triglycerides and serum cholesterol while increasing the ratio of HDL/LDL. A high ratio of HDL/LDL indicates a good state of health with a lower risk for cardiovascular disorders and related diseases.

Proven energy boosting, metabolic restoring properties

Thyrolyn contains proven effective energy boosting, metabolic supportive, herbal extracts including asphaltum gum (shilajit), regarded as the body tonic panacea, milk thistle, known for its liver supportive detoxifying qualities, and Bacopa, known for its ergogenic and neuro-enhancing properties, which all together work as cofactors in promoting energy utilization and restoration of the body’s metabolism.

Potentially helps remove underlying obstacles to weight loss

Hypothyroidism is a known underlying obstacle to weight loss. Low thyroid has been linked to a sluggish metabolism and a diminished capacity to break fat storage for energy. By virtue of its natural thyroid enhancing properties, Thyrolyn can serve as a natural aid for removing this underlying obstacle to weight loss, by enhancing the body’s metabolic capacity to utilize energy and burn fat.

100% natural

Thyrolyn is made from 100% naturally occurring plant extracts, it is designed to be hypoallergenic and does not contain any synthetic or chemical substances. The formula is certified by the Naturally Occurring Standards Group NOSG.

Potential benefits

 Naturally helps support thyroid hormones activity

 Naturally helps sustain a healthy metabolic rate

 Potentially helps prevent undesirable weight gain

 Naturally helps sustain steady levels of energy

 Potentially helps support muscle performance and buildup

Thyrolyn may benefit people with hypothyroidism, it may also be useful as a natural weight loss aid and as an ergogenic supplement for athletic conditioning.

Recommended use

Take 2 capsules once daily preferably on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before meals. For special programs take 3-4 servings or as directed by your qualified health practitioner.