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The Stubborn Fat Solution
That NO DIET Has Ever Offered...

Do you hope to notice a change, but then find that your fat layer
refuses to let go no matter what you do?
Donít you feel like giving up when you realize that?

When you have stubborn fat that wonít go away, itís extremely frustrating!

And whatís frustrating is the fact that you donít know why nothing really works. What you do know is that you do everything you can to get rid of it. Yet, despite of dieting and all the hard work in the gym this fat refuses to let go.

Stubborn fat is stuck in your belly and body like corrosion in an old underground pipe.

And if you try getting rid of it the wrong way, it will remain there regardless.

You need to know how to address the real causes behind this problem. If you donít, these will become major obstacles that will prohibit you from ever reaching a solution.

When a fat tissue canít be removed, it means that something is keeping it from burning off.

Your stubborn fat is a lot like that corrosion in a clogged underground pipe. If you donít pull the blockage out, the corrosion will remain trapped inside.

There are a few ďblockagesĒ that have been prohibiting you from losing stubborn fat in the belly and other areas. Even one blockage left behind can stop the fat from being flushed out. And until you understand how to remove all these blockages, youíll never be able to lean down regardless of what you do!

But how are you going to remove these blockages if you donít even know what they are?

Introducing The Stubborn Fat Solution...

The Stubborn Fat Solution is a program that enables you to understand why your problem hasnít been resolved. Itís a program that is based on deep understanding how your body operates.

It shows you the real reasons why you gained stubborn fat. It gives you an understanding of how your body fat responds to specific dietary triggers. And it speeds up the process of fat burning, without the need for extreme calorie restrictions or hours of daily aerobics.

... after finishing the three week weight loss program I was down 11 lbs. and my energy was through the roof. Now I was right in the middle of the holiday season with all the parties and events planned I was a little nervous but I had realize that I had learned that with the right combination of foods and with the addition of the Controlled Fatigue Training (CFT) this would not be an issue. I was able to knock off another 4 lbs. I enjoy the holiday season like never before.

Thanks Ori for answering all my nutrition and fitness needs I feel I am in the best shape of my life.

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Carolyn Izzo-Feldman

Beating yourself is unnecessary

Thatís because beating yourself with extreme dietary restrictions and hours of exhausting aerobic exercise day by day will not solve the problem. The Stubborn Fat Solution teaches you how to use proven effective measures. You donít need to constantly punish and deprive yourself to get results.

And whatís really amazing about this solution is how fast the body responds when you do things right Ė how fast it shifts from a fat storing system into a fat burning system.

Hello Ori,

I thought I would send you an e-mail. I have been following various diet plans over the past couple of years with varying degrees of success. I began your plan about 7 weeks ago. I must say, the results are astounding.

In these short few weeks I have gone from a waist size of 36" to almost 34". At this rate I will need to buy a new wardrobe! I am very active (martial arts 3x per week, weight lifting 2-3x per week), so perhaps my results are more dramatic than someone who follows a more average, less active life style. The point remains the same, the program has yielded more results in 7 weeks than the other plan I have followed for 2 years. The most noticeable result is in my muscular definition. I can actually see my abs for the first time in almost 15 years! Unbelievable... and losing the extra fat and poundage is certainly improving my martial arts performance, especially sparring.

So, though this note is far longer than intended, I just wanted to say thank you. It has truly made a difference. I will continue to recommend it to friends and family.

Jason Higgins

The 3 Reasons Your Body Holds Onto Fat That Refuses To Let Go...

  1. Excess Estrogen in a Male or Female Body
  2. Insulin Resistance
  3. Underactive Thyroid

These three underlying factors make a HUGE difference in the way your body processes and stores fat. These three hormonal disorders have shown to shut down cellular mechanisms that break fat for energy.

Excess estrogen, insulin resistance and an underactive thyroid have been linked to undesirable weight gain, abdominal obesity, and accumulation of stubborn fat in the waist and other areas.

Most people arenít aware that they have these underlying problems.

These underlying causes of stubborn fat are becoming a lot more prevalent in our society today, and more and more people are experiencing fat gain (especially in the belly) that just won't go away, unaware of what really caused this problem.

Most people arenít aware of their condition

Statistically, there are over 30 million diabetic people in the U.S. and the vast majority of them arenít aware of their condition. There are estimated twice as much cases of insulin resistance, and most of these people donít know theyíre insulin resistant. Note that the correlation between insulin resistance and weight gain/obesity is a known fact!

Virtually all women today and most men over 50 suffer or will suffer from excess estrogen. The rates of thyroid disorders in our society are at an all time high, particularly among women. The correlation between excess estrogen, insulin resistance, underactive thyroid and weight gain is undeniable. But the vast majority of those who suffer have no clue why.

No one is doing anything about it!

No one is offering any viable solution to this problem. They just keep telling you to cut your calories, cut your fat intake, cut your carb intake or take "magic" pills.

But again, unless you remove the real underlying obstacles that have been causing your body to horde fat, then no matter what you do you will never lose this problematic fat and keep it off!

Hello Ori,

I wanted to let you know that I'm back on your program, and I'm having good results!

The first week I lost 26 pounds! The second week I lost 9 pounds! I'm in the 3rd week now.

In the first 2 weeks I lost inches too!

I lost 4 inches from my bust.
I lost 6 inches from my tummy.
I lost 8 inches from my waist! (WOW)
I lost 4.5 inches from my hips.
I lost 3.5 inches from my thigh.
I lost 3 inches from my calf!
I lost 2 inches from my upper arm.
I lost 1.5 inch from my wrist.
I lost 1/2 inch from my neck.

I am feeling a LOT better and I am excited about losing and feeling good again. It is exciting to have lost 35 pounds in 2 weeks. I think I'm more determined and committed than I have ever been before. The biggest blessing is that my husband has agreed to support me in this diet, this time around.

I want to encourage and inspire other people who are as badly overweight as I am, and to show them that they can be set free from the extra weight! If you need someone to test drive any of your new supplements, I'd gladly volunteer!

God Bless!
Lynda Denson
Diamond in the Rough

So whatís in The Stubborn Fat Solution? And how can it help you?

Hereís a mini preview.

How the body uses its fat storage: Do you often wonder how your body burns fat? Donít leave this issue to chance and let your body keep hording fat. Your body wants to burn off its excess fat storage. It needs to be capable of doing that. So how fat burning practically occurs? And what stops it from happening?

The hidden dietary trigger: this one factor will turn everything youíve learned on its head. People have changed their physical appearance and their whole way of thinking once they learned the extreme power of this simple trigger. When you use this dietary trigger you activate an innate system that instead of holding onto fat, allows it to burn off.

This is the first time that such a detailed diet plan is available. It provides daily meal plans and supplement layouts, adjusted specifically for special needs.

Whether youíre an athlete or sedentary, whether youíre insulin resistant or suffer from estrogen disorders or an underactive thyroid, The Stubborn Fat Solution addresses your specific condition.

And you can do it all a lot easier, faster and with less guess-work than ever before with this simple, step-by-step guide, The Stubborn Fat Solution.

The Stubborn Fat Solution is designed to do the following:

The Stubborn Fat Solution is not just an idea or concept. Itís a proven effective system. And it gives you clear tools to implement the system. There are steps that are tested, no speculations. You can go back and check what you did correctly and what went wrong.

When you follow this revolutionary guide, you are going to first notice the difference in your body within days and then within just a few weeks youíll see a major other people who have been giving it a try!

Whatís different about The Stubborn Fat Solution?

The Stubborn Fat Solution is different than anything else you have ever tried because it actually targets the real causes behind stubborn fat and offers you 100% natural solution, with no drugs, stimulants or dangerous pills.

Hello Ori,

I cannot stop following your program even if I tried! I did go off the diet several times and my body suffered greatly as a result. Best eating plan for me that I have ever tried (and I tried about 20 different plans). I went from fat (by my standards) to fabulous! I now live in a warrior's body and it is one of the best feelings you can have. Your eating plan is the only one I've ever tried that is completely satisfying, completely supports my health maximally, keeps me at high energy levels, and has been my answer for all the problems and drawbacks related to eating. I feel so strongly about your program that I want to spread the word. But this way of eating (and living) is truly only for the Warrior, or those who wish to be Warriors. It is not for sheep.

You are great man, Ori. Thank you for sharing your findings and experience with me.

Warmest regards,
Pete Grof

Important: A Major Reason Why you Shouldnít Delay

Stubborn fat is a sign of an underlying problem or a health issue.

You have read the testimonials and you understand that this solution actually works by helping people restore their capacity to lose fat.

But the fact that you will be into your skinny jeans in just a few short weeks isn't the only benefit of The Stubborn Fat Solution. The additional benefit of this revolutionary and landmark fat-loss program is the great bonus of reclaiming your health and never worry about this problem again!

When you get rid of this fat you donít just look better, you also live better and with a lower risk for dangerous health disorders.

Hello Ori,

Thank you for writing such informative books and really changing my quality of life. The program makes so much sense to me, it just seems as if it should be common sense. I have been following your recommended regimen and have had great success. I've lost fat - a little more to go, but for the first time - no muscle loss. I've actually gained 1/2 inch to my biceps and have gone up in strength in all my exercises. As a firefighter I need my strength and stamina

Francisco R.

Are you ready to reclaim your body?

You may still feel somewhat skeptical, and thatís understandable. Probably, this isn't the first time you have been offered with a weight loss solution. But most likely it will be the last.

Why? Because this solution actually works! Because after you put these simple and effective steps into place you will resolve the core of your problem and literally take away the reasons for this fat to exist. Youíll be guided what food to eat and what not to eat, what supplements to use and what to avoid, youíll also be instructed how to combine food for successfully leaning down while enjoying your diet.

This isnít a typical internet marketing sales pitch, and there is no guarantee of a refund included. The only thing offered here is a real life solution to your problem.

The solution is now within your reach, there is no more place for excuses

Mr. Ori Hofmekler graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, Israel and received a degree in Human Sciences from the Hebrew University. As editor-in-chief of Mind and Muscle Power magazine, Ori introduced his diet approach to the public. He received immediate acclaim from readers and professionals.

Ori Hofmekler
The Warrior Diet
The Anti-Estrogenic Diet
Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat
The Stubborn Fat Solution

From day one, I have felt excellent! Lots of energy, clearer thinking, more focus, better stamina. A condition of numbness in my arms and hands has pretty much disappeared, and my neck, which has hurt for years, hurts much less and I can turn my head further.

I love the freedom! Less planning, shopping, and preparing of food. Thus money, time, and effort savings. Also, I can go to work empty-handed, not packing food, and have my lunch break free to walk, read, knit, meditate, rest.

I'm looking at your program as a permanent way of life. Can't think of any reason not to stick with it indefinitely.

Oh... and I've lost 7 lbs. in 2 weeks! I may just get to my goal weight yet!

Jen B.

How to get The Stubborn Fat Solution

To get your Stubborn Fat Solution just click the button below and follow the steps through this 2-minute order process.

You will receive your own personal copy of Stubborn Fat Solution in your e-mail within 1 hour. There are no shipping fees, no delays.


Stubborn Fat Solution

The Stubborn Fat Solution is different than anything else you have ever tried because it actually targets the REAL causes behind stubborn fat and offers you 100% natural solution, with no drugs, stimulants or dangerous pills.


I owe so much to Ori and the Warrior way. I was once a lost suffering sole and now have found the path to mental and physical enlightenment. When I'm out, I look around and see these fat suffering people. They remind me so much of who I was. Medicating with alcohol to have a good time and forget. I watch them eat food that is killing them and shake my head. I see these people trapped in bodies that can not perform even simple function. They think there happy. They don't know any better...

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I've been on the diet since early March of 2002. Everyone's like, 'You're still doing it?' and I'm like, 'You bet!' I absolutely plan to stick with the Warrior Diet. It's a lifestyle for me now."

Tastes have improved; a world of tastes that wasn't there before has opened up for me. I have an appreciation for the wide variety of foods and their colors and textures. And as an artist, this sensitivity is invaluable, because it's that kind of specificity for things that really inspires me.

Michael Goldstrom
"The Sopranos" & "Law & Order:SVU"

The result within six months I had lost 70lbs! I feel great! I am never tired and feel like a real person again. I will never go back eating multiple meals a day or loading my body with estrogenic foods and chemicals again.

Ori is for real. He is the one person willing to "tell it how it is". If you are interested in losing weight or just improving your health read Ori's books before you start any program. You wont be disappointed.

Thanks, Mark
Scranton, PA

I read your book when I was doing research for a fitness challenge I started in January. I was doing a fitness challenge on a bet with my sis that I could get ripped like the guys in the 300 movie. I think I won.

I stayed the same weight (~160, 5'10") but lost 2 inches on my waist (crazy for a skinny guy). I haven't measured my fat percentage yet. It was ~8% last december. The challenge started Dec 31st and Ended April 20th. 4 months.

Well, I thank you for writing clearly and simply. I was lost on so many different methods for zone, paleo, fasting, gaining mass, losing fat. Your book opened my eyes to the dangers of estrogenic foods and the benefits of fasting.

Click the photo to enlarge.

Finally, it's rare nowadays to find any business whose customers health and well being are truly a main focus. I am confident that the primary aim of the Warrior Diet Company is the health of its customers, and that translates to loyal customers. Thank you again for the incredible supplements, diet program, and unparalleled customer service.


I've got to hand it to you and your crew for consistently improving the Warrior Whey™. When you incorporated Fibersol, I was a bit worried but it still tasted great. The latest batch I received (Cow Label) is FANTASTIC!

I've been in the supplement industry for years and have access to hundreds of brands, but I'll keep coming back for Warrior Whey™ because of the unparalleled quality and taste.

Geoff Else

I just completed a 50 mile endurance run. I have been on the warrior diet for about 5 months. the diet is perfect preparation for the run where undereating is a necessity for about 12 hours straight. I never got hungry during the run, my stomach was never upset and i finished the run feeling very good and healthy. thanks!!!! I would love to advertise your product on my next run. I believe in your diet strongly. the whole of the running community doesn`t know how to eat. they think they need to eat low fat high carbs all the time. i think my higher fat diet was one of the keys to finishing successfully. I want to have your name on my shirt next time i enter one of these races!!!!!! These people don`t know what they`re missing!!!!

Jake Buchanan

Today starts my third week of I[ntermittent]F[fasting]. I'm doing it Warrior [Diet] style so far, skipping BF and lunch. I have a two-hour eating window in the evening, and stick to relatively low carb eating. That gives me about 22 hours of fasting every day. I take one day off per week on the weekend, and eat lunch and dinner. (BF is never a good idea for me.)

I'm looking at IF as a permanent way of life. Can't think of any reason not to stick with it indefinitely.

Oh... and I've lost 7 lbs. in 2 weeks! I may just get to my goal weight yet!

Jen B.

4 Pounds of lean muscle gain in six weeks! Right now, I train harder but more structured than ever before. Together with an even further optimized nutrition, I was able to increase my bodyweight over 4 pounds within the last six weeks. Certainly at the same time, my power, especially my body power, increased again. Although, I elevated my overall calories, I am still lean! The knowledge of eating the right things, at the right time, makes the difference! So my body fat level is still low - about 5%, and I look and feel more muscular but still with very sharp definition! At my last competitions, I did very well again (2nd last week on a National Cup) and so my license for the World Cup is saved.

Thank you Ori!

Jurgen Reis (Austria)

It has been about six months now since I started following the Warrior Diet eating system and i have never felt better. I have eaten pretty much the exact same thing as i used to, as it was mostly aligned with the principles the book outlines, the only factors i have changed are when i eat and i have now lost around 15 Lbs which was definitely stubborn fat, from around the abdominal and thighs, most of which i dropped in the first two months of following the system. I have since gained muscle, i don't know how much specifically, feeling so lean i don't bother weighing anymore.

After having such success with the system and enjoying the book immensely, I had to come and add a testimonial, its not something i would normally do yet this really has changed everything for more, all for the better. thank you so much!

Ryan W.
Perth, Australia

I know you must get a ton of emails so I'll keep this as short as I can. First I want to just give you some quick history about my situation. I have been overweight my entire life, I have always been thick and muscular underneath my fat which is a positive I suppose if I could ever peel the layers of fat off my body.

I'm 5'8'' tall 28 years old and currently weigh about 235lbs In highschool I wrestled at 190lbs and in the last 7 years I have been as low as about 175 or so. Even at 175 I would consider myself about 20 lbs overweight. in other words not even close to a hard lean look... At 175 I found it nearly impossible to maintain that weight, at the time I was doing weight training and a lot of running to nowhere about 5 times a week for at least an hour if not 2 hours each session. I gain nearly all of my weight in my belly area and love handles.

Thank you for all that you do, sorry this email is way longer than I intended. Just want you to know that I am spreading the warrior diet word as far as I can. This is the only diet I have ever tried that I honestly believe I will never stop I've seen so many benefits in just 8 weeks it's incredible...


Matt Klein