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EstroX / Natural Hormonal Balancing Formula

For a lean healthy body

Estrogen mimicking chemicals are known for their fattening and sickening effects on the body. When in excess, estrogen substances bind to receptors in estrogen sensitive tissues causing enlargement of tissues, fat gain, metabolic disorders and disease.

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EstroX is designed to help both men and women balance estrogen in the body for achieving and maintaining a lean, healthy physique. The formula contains a blend of estrogen balancing herbs, essential micronutrients, antioxidants and immune-supporting compounds that help defend against the influence of estrogen pollutants and metabolites in the body.

stubborn fat solution

Estrogen is a fat storing hormone. When accumulated in excess in the body, estrogenic substances become a major obstacle to weight loss. Excess estrogen promotes enlargement of estrogen sensitive fat tissues in the belly and other areas, forming a STUBBORN FAT tissue that tenaciously resists fat burning.

EstroX is formulated to naturally help counteract excess of estrogen in the body to allow breakdown of fat tissues and reduction in size of stubborn fat areas.

How to Counteract Hormone Exposure

Estrogen gets into our food and other things we use that causes us to be exposed to excess estrogen. It's possible to avoid all estrogen and chemicals, so we need to take all possible protections.

Made with natural aromatase inhibiting herbs
EstroX Natural Hormonal Balancing Formula

The formula includes a special blend of herbs with potent aromatase inhibiting properties. Over-expression of the estrogen producing enzyme, aromatase, has been linked to estrogen disorders and cancer in humans. Anti-aromatase drugs have been prescribed by doctors to address this problem but all drugs in this category are warrant with severe and sometimes mortal side effects. EstroX works as a natural aromatase inhibiting aid. The formula is designed to naturally help balance hormones and relieve symptoms of estrogen disorders while inducing a most beneficial antioxidant, anti-inflammatory impact on the body.

Naturally helps modulate estrogen metabolism to produce beneficial metabolites
EstroX Natural Hormonal Balancing Formula

EstroX contains a cruciferous indole extract, with a proven capacity to help shift estrogen metabolism to produce the beneficial health promoting metabolites 2 hydroxy estrogens instead of the harmful, pro-inflammatory cancer-promoting metabolites 16 hydroxy estrogens – yielding an improved ratio between the beneficial estrogen metabolites and their harmful equivalents. A high ratio of 2 hydroxy estrogens/16 hydroxy estrogens is a desired marker of health, and has been associated with a lower risk for estrogen disorders in women and prostate enlargement in men as well as decreased probability for cancer in both genders.


EstroX’s ingredients include bioflavonoids, flavons, polyphenols, terpenoid glycocides and indoles with proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hormone balancing, healing properties.

More potent than other estrogen balancing supplements

EstroX Natural Hormonal Balancing Formula EstroX Natural Hormonal Balancing Formula EstroX Natural Hormonal Balancing Formula EstroX Natural Hormonal Balancing Formula

Unlike other estrogen balancing supplements, formulated with soy isoflavones or other isolated isoflavones ingredients which are often inherently estrogenic, EstroX’s special blend of herbs has no inherent estrogenic activity.

EstroX’s unique blend of estrogen modulating herbs has shown to yield max potency, higher than any single herb alone. Compared to other supplements which often use benign ingredients or isolated herbal components with little or no potency, EstroX’s by all means is far superior in its potency and potential impact on the body.

Text Box: Triple action effect EstroX’s blend of herbs is uniquely designed to induce a systemic estrogen balancing effect via a triple action effect: - Lowering estrogen receptors activity - Lowering aromatase activity - Lowering level of harmful estrogen metabolites

EstroX surpasses other estrogen balancing supplements, which are generally lacking the right herbal complex and therefore are limited in their capacity to induce a real estrogen balancing effect on the body.

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EstroX’s active ingredients:

EstroX active ingredientsChrysin (5,7-dihydroxy flavone) from passion flower – an anti-aromatase, antioxidant flavon, Chrysin is the main active ingredient in passiflora, used traditionally to enhance potency and virility. Chrysin is the most potent plant estrogen balancing compound in nature, nonetheless it reaches maximum efficiency when combined with other aromatase inhibiting flavons.

EstroX active ingredientsApigenine (5,7-dyhydroxy flavones) from chamomile flower – a most potent estrogen balancing herb extract with anti-aromatase, antioxidant, anti-cancerous properties. Combinations of apigenine and resveratrol have shown to antagonize and destroy estrogen related cancer.

EstroX active ingredientsDiindolymethane (indole) found in cruciferous vegetables – known for its beneficial effects on shifting estrogen metabolism away from the harmful metabolites 16 hydroxy estrogens. The anti-cancerous properties of cruciferous vegetables have been attributed to their high indoles content.

EstroX active ingredientsQuercitine – known for its metabolic protective antioxidant properties. Quercitine works as a cofactor in potentiating the actions of other antioxidant flavonoids.

EstroX active ingredientsResveratrol (terpenoid glycocide) found in grapes – known for its potent antioxidant, anti-cancerous, anti-aging properties. Resveratrol works as a cofactor in enhancing the actions of natural estrogen balancing plant extracts.

EstroX active ingredientsCitrus bioflavonoids – a full spectrum of vitamin C bioflavonoids known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, vitamin C potentiating properties. Citrus bioflavonoids work as cofactors together with estrogen balancing bioflavonoids to grant maximum bio-potency.

EstroX active ingredientsGreen tea polyphenols – known for their metabolic and neuro protective properties. Green tea polyphenols provide protection against oxidative damage to cells and tissues caused by environmental and dietary estrogens.

EstroX active ingredientsPhytosterols (beta sitosterol, capesterol, stigmasterol) plant steroidal compounds in nuts, seeds and legumes – known for their cholesterol lowering hormonal supportive properties. A phytosterols rich diet has been proven to be highly beneficial to human health.

EstroX active ingredientsTumeric (yellow pigment/flavonoid) in curry – has a proven record in protecting cells and tissues against oxidative damage and cancer. Tumeric has shown to reach peak potency when combined with other estrogen balancing, antioxidant nutrients.

EstroX active ingredientsFenugreek (seeds) component in curry – known for its anti-diabetic cholesterol lowering, metabolic balancing properties. Fenugreek works as a cofactor in restoring a healthy metabolic environment for balancing estrogen.

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Potential Benefits

EstroX Benefits Naturally helps balance excess estrogen

EstroX Benefits Potentially helps fight stubborn fat

EstroX Benefits Naturally helps alleviate PMS

EstroX Benefits Naturally helps support prostate health

EstroX Benefits Potentially helps protect against declining testosterone

Defense Nutrition EstroX

EstroX may benefit men and women wishing to naturally prevent or address estrogen related disorder, weight gain or disease.

Recommended use

Defense Nutrition EstroX

Adults take 3 capsules twice daily. For special programs, take 3 servings daily, or as directed by your qualified health practitioner.

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