All Natural , Premium Nutritional Supplements.

Defense Nutrition’s whey protein products are made with premium pasture raised, grass-fed whey protein, exclusively formulated with only natural food based ingredient, no added sugar, no sugar alcohol, no soy and nothing artificial. Warrior Whey shakes and bars serve as natural delicious alternatives to today’s chemically treated, heat damaged protein foods and products.

Stress Activated Foods (SAF) include nutrients you may never have heard of or aware of their powerful impact. SAF nutrients provide unique health benefits attributed to their capacity to mimic effects of fasting and exercise on the body.

Warrior Whey® Protein

Defense Nutrition's protein products are exclusively all natural, best tasting and low glycemic.

They're made with the purest cold processed, non-acid, non-denatured pasture raised, grass-fed cow's whey protein concentrate and serve as natural, delicious alternatives to today's chemically treated, heat damaged protein foods and products.

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"Not actively surviving is passively dying," says Ori Hofmekler in his new revised edition of The Warrior Diet, "and the first sign of not actively surviving is getting lazy and fat."

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